The Video Games Show
The Video Games Show (or VGS for short) is a weekly gaming and pop culture podcast hosted by Rich Bergin, Matt Gurley, Bob Friedel and Kurt Bowers Combining extensive knowledge and experience in gaming, movies, music, comics and pop culture, VGS will provide a comical look at all things and go off topic many, many times.

After a long winter break and managing to stop playing Tekken 8, the VGS crew records the first episode of 2024.  Rich, Ben and Matt are joined by guests Isaac and Scott to discuss all things in the video game world.  Topics include the continued decline of physical game releases, layoffs, Sony's State of Play, Microsoft's Developer_Direct, Matt's adventures as a gamer dad, Isaac making us feel old, and so much more.

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New episode and new location!  The crew of Rich, Matt and Ben record from Ben's store, Filthy Games Room.  While being surrounded by so, so many video games, the boys manage to keep it together and rocord the latest installment of VGS.  Topics covered include the release of the PlayStation Portal, release of the Super Pocket, Modern Warfare III, Black Friday deals and so much more.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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Rich, Matt and Tom return for what was supposed to be the Halloween episode of VGS but we never got to Halloween... so... yeah.  Anyway, the crew discusses Microsoft's purchase of Activision Blizzard is finalized, Sony introduces the slim PS5 models, Best Buy to discontinue DVD, Blu-ray, 4K physical releases both in-store and online by early 2024.  We also begin a new series on our top 25 video games. In part one, Rich and Tom reveal their top 25 and discuss the reasons behind their choices. 

We also want to take a moment to thank Tom so much for being a part of the podcast.  Tom is leaving for Vietnam for a significant period (possibly permanently).  We wish him all the best and the seat will be open upon his return.

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We're back! After Rich having a long bout of Covid, the crew is back once again.  Join Rich, Matt, Kurt and Tom as the guys catch up since MO Game Con.  Topics include Unity fee scandal, video game voice actors going on strike(?), Starfield release, Rich and Matt get PS5s, the Nintendo Direct and Sony State of Play.

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The crew of Rich, Matt and Ben are back.  The guys talk about Mo Game Con (July 29 - for details), Ben's FB group ( and upcoming store, some highlights from the previous Nintendo Direct, sidetracked with movie talk (go watch Michael Mann's Heat) and much more.

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Yes, we managed to get together to record over the holiday weekend.  Join Rich, Matt and Ben as the guys discuss all matter of things in gaming and not in gaming.  Topics covered include Sony State of Play, Alan Wake 2 not getting a phyiscal release (update since recording, maybe not), Nintendo blocks Dolphin's Steam release, Mo Game Con 2023, Filthy Games Room, AEW wrestling, Hauser vs. Quaid vs. Kuato triple threat match, the real Super Mario Bros. movie, and so much more.

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Yes, it is Legend of Zelda day again and the crew celebrates the release of Tears of the Kingdom.  While we have a split crew with Rich and Kurt having not played Tears of the Kingdom yet, Matt and Ben have and have thoughts.  While this episode covers one topic, we go off topic and back again several times and at the end of the day you have to as yourself, is the great debate of Sphere vs. Event Horizon vs. Jason X a debate you want to hear?

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Yes, the VGS crew is still on this planet and we managed to get into the same room and record again.  Join Rich, Matt and Tom as the guys have their video game therapy session.  The guys discuss many things on this episode including the approaching MoGameCon 7 (July 29, 2023), a Trunk-N-Trade event Rich, Matt and Ben attended, Tears of the Kingdom upcoming release, the price of both retro and current video games craziness, Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, Grandpa Joe is a heel, and so much more.

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Who knew The Last of Us show would be so polarizing to one VGS crew member.  Join Rich, Kurt, Matt and Ben as the crew catches up on their lives and all the news in the gaming world.  Topics include E3 loses the Big 3 (Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony), PSVR 2 launch concerns, games leaving Xbox 360 Market Place forever, Goldeneye woes, a Nintendo Direct happening this week, RetroBit reveals the Big6 and so much more!

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After an extended holiday break, the crew of Rich, Matt and Kurt are back for the first episode of 2023.  The boys catch up on what they've been up to and discuss some recent news, including Sony says the PS5 shortage is over, Nintendo cancels Switch Pro to focus on Switch successor, upcoming releases for first half of 2023, a repro Castlevania Rondo of Blood graded but not identfied as a repro in the grading, the release of the Evil Dead Rise trailer, and more. 

Please note we are working with some new audio editing software and are still getting the hang of things, so the audio may sound different than previous epsidoes.  We will continue to work to provide the best possible audio.  Thank you for your patience. 

Also, happy birthday to Kurt!  Sorry the Initial D gear shifter didn't work.

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Well, we got to know more about Matt on this episode, that is for sure.  Anyway, the crew of Matt, Kurt, Rich and Tom are back for almost all video game episode of VGS.  Multiple emails and some of the latest news covered, including PSVR2 pricing, Switch sales hit a milestone, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II might as well be a code in the box, and more.  Happy Thanksgiving to all our US listeners and hope you all find some amazing Black Friday deals.

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What can I say?  It got off to a weird start, then it calmed a bit, and then got weird again.  Join Rich, Matt and Tom for a new (not from a can) episode of VGS.  We hit up some emails, talk some video game news including some new physical releases, more exclusive PlayStation games coming to PC, Stadia's end, and more.  We also talk about what we've been playing/watching, the retro game market today, Rich saw Halloween Ends, product shrinkage, Matt vs Tom concerning Five Guys Burgers & Fries, and more.

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Rich and Matt are back for a news filled VGS.  After weeks of not much video game news, we were given a Nintendo Direct, a Sony State of Play and Tokyo Game Show to recap.  A whole bunch of game announcements to go through and the boys hit up everything.  Also discussed is upcoming horror movie releases, general movie talk, somehow Rich discuss the history of lost Doctor Who episodes, and much more.

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The crew is back from The Record Space and ready to go for an all new VGS.  Rich, Matt, Kurt and Tom get into the mix, discussing the complete Sega Genesis Mini 2 game line up, Sony raising the prices of PS5 everywhere except the US, is Sony at work at a Playstation PC launcher, Embracer buys Limted Run games plus so many other things, Gamescom 2022 announcements, what we are playing, Vin Diesel / Sylvester Stallone impressions and much more.

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With less than one week to MO Game Con, the VGS crew is absolutely giddy like Christmas is almost here.  Join Rich, Matt and guest host Tom as the crew discusses all things MO Game Con, as well as, all the latest news in gaming including the Sega Genesis Mini 2 announced games, just how much money did Cyberpunk 2077 cost CD Projekt RED, Live A Live released on Switch, EA doing something good, Last of Us Remake news, and more.  Also the guys get off topic (of course) and talk about Vince McMahon retiring, the Clerks III and Halloween Ends trailers, and a deep dive into horror movies.

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We got a packed house for an all new episode of VGS.  Rich, Matt, Kurt, Bob and Ben pack into the family truckster and hit the podcast road after a much needed stop at Wally's to fuel up and get beverages.  Well... actually... we were in Matt's basement, but there was talk of Wally's and plenty of beverages and cookies (thanks Ben).  We talk Mo Game Con coming up July 30, Sony's premium subscription service, Sony taking movies out of European libraries, two very expensive God of War Ragnarok physical editions that don't include physical copies of the game, Atari 50, last impressions of Summer of Games, final days of the Amico, a new NFT console destined for failure, GameStop failing, Wally's, Blockbuster Video, K-Mart, and so much more.

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The crew of Rich, Matt, Bob and Ben return to Casa de Gurley for another episode of VGS.  Join the guys as they dive into Summer of Gaming 2022 coverage, including Sony State of Play, Devolver Digital and Limited Run Games presentations, as well as thoughts on several game announcements.  Other topics discussed include Dirty Work, Can't Hardly Wait, crossed paths of John Belushi and John Candy, and so much more.

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VGS is back!  Yes!  Matt and Rich reunite in casa de Gurley for the first Skype free episode since March 2020.  The guys catch up on what they've been doing/playing/watching, including their trip to Record Space and V-Stock.  Next we hit up emails.  Other items of discussion include Mo Game Con 2022, PlayStation Plus issues, PS5 and Xbox Series production increases, the evolution of movie releases, Limited Run Games and more.
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Rich, Matt & Kurt are back with an all new VGS.  With news dropping the ball, the guys banter on about all sorts of things.  Topics include the Steam Deck, Scream (2022) and other movies, Kurt got a PS5, Rich gave up gaming for Lent at just a terrible time, Matt provides life advice, and so much more!

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Just a quick announcement concerning the cancelation of MO Game Con Jr. 2022.  Please listen for details.

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The crew of Rich, Bob, Matt and special guest Ben are back for an all new VGS.  We discuss MO Game Con Jr 2022, the latest Nintendo Direct, Intellivision Amico... yeah, Sony buys Bungie, Grand Theft Auto Trilogy on Switch, Pokemon Legends Arceus, upcoming releases and some random movie talk as well.
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Yep, of course we are going to talk about Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard.  It is only the biggest thing... like... ever... or something.  We break it all down and theorize on what this means for the future.  Rich, Kurt and Matt also discuss LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga trailer and release date, Cuphead series/DLC, KJ got the Analogue Pocket, as well as some movie and wrestling talk.
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After and extended (and bit longer than planned) break, we are back.  Rich and Matt catch-up, talk the very limited amount of news available and discuss what we are playing/watching/hunting.  Welcome to 2022!

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Matt and Rich are back for an all new, pre-Thanksgiving episode of VGS.  The guys discuss the Legend of Zelda Game & Watch, Black Friday nonsense, GTA Trilogy Remastered disaster, The Game Awards 2021 nominees, what we want for Christmas, and so much more.

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And...we're back!  The crew of Rich, Kurt, Matt and Bob discuss all that is going on including the new Switch Online packages, Rich reviews the Switch OLED, Dune (2021) and Halloween Kills, Kurt talks Resident Evil 4 VR, EA vs. FIFA, the issues of getting PS5, Tim Curry, Curry Man, music and more.

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The crew of Rich, Matt, Bob and Kurt are back from Mo Game Con V and have much to discuss.  In addition to covering the con, the guys talk Nintendo Direct, upcoming releases, Konami letting indie developers work on Konami IPs, VHS renting/buying in the 80s, Norm McDonald and so much more.

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With just one week until Mo Game Con V (Sept. 18 at St. Charles Community College, for tickets) the crew of Rich, Bob and Matt sit down to talk before finally getting to hang out in person for the first time since March 2020.  The boys talk about Mo Game Con V (of course), PlayStation Showcase, console shortages until 2023, a video calling out Limited Run Games, movies, music and so much more.

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After a massively long gap, the boys are back.  Join Rich, Kurt and Bob as they finally break silence.  We discuss Mo Game Con 2021, CM Punk returns (VGS becomes Top of the Turnbuckle for a bit), the state of retro gaming (current/future), Clint Eastwood vs. George Burns and so much more.

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Bob, Matt and Rich return for an all new VGS.  The crew talks Mo Game Con 2021, Switch (OLED Model), Amico drama, Sony not being indie friendly, our latest pickups, when to buy/sell, and more.

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Rich, Matt and Bob are back to discuss all things E3 2021.  What made the guys excited, disappointed and outright bored?  Tune in to find out.  

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Despite a desperate thirst for gaming news, Rich and Matt manage to take the tiny scraps they can find and manage to record 90+ minutes of podcast shenanigans.  We talk what we've been up to, searching for next gen consoles, games coming soon, what happened to Dane Cook, the amazing work of Keith Coogan, telling off Bradley Whitford, and so much more.

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Rich, Matt & Kurt get together for a last second episode of VGS.  The boys talk what they're playing/watching, Matt making that Hustle, our thoughts on Mortal Kombat (2021) movie, Sony not futureproofing for their customers, auditioning to be Limited Run Games spokesman, and so much more.

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Matt and Rich are left to their own devices on this episode of VGS.  They talk what little is going on in the word of gaming, their latest pick-ups, an email about vinyl, awesome copies putting out awesome editions of movies, copyright infringement in Italy, and so much more.

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Rich, Bob and Matt are back for a free flow episode of VGS.  Many things discussed, from Rich's thoughts on Justice League Snyder Cut/DC movies in general, Bob asks about casting America's version of international tv shows, what we've been playing/watching, Bob and Matt talk music, and so much more.

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After a prolonged gap, the VGS is crew is back in action.  Join Matt, Bob and Kurt as they talk Nintendo's odd decision making, what they've been playing, some music talk, Tom Holland taking all acting jobs and so much more.  Enjoy!

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Matt and Rich gather again for a condensed episode of VGS.  On this episode the guys talk Wallstreet, favorite movies to watch over and over again, Matt's continued love affair with the Switch, Resident Evil Village presentation, games coming soon and more.

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Rich and Matt are back for another VGS.  Thankfully, it was mostly all good news this week.  The guys discuss Matt's love for the Nintendo Switch, free new modes for Bloodstained, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Complete Edition digital and physical releases, news out of CES 2021, Rich's obsession with John Carpenter movies, a spoiler free WandaVision review, and much more.

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While 2020 was garbage year, it was a great year for video games.  Rich and Matt sit around and recap 2020 as we look ahead to 2021.  We discuss the major video game releases in 2020 and reflect on our favorites.  Hopefully we will provide you with your next favorite.  Happy New Year!!!

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It's the final VGS of 2020 and how do the crew of Rich, Matt, Bob and Kurt spend their time?  Well, we talk a bunch of Cyberpunk 2077's release, a bit of Christmas, Matt and Kurt might fight, Rich is dramatized and Bob is just shaking his head.  All the earmarks of a typical Christmas gathering.  We will you all Happy Holidays and talk to you again in 2021.

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After four weeks of not talking to each other, the crew of Rich, Bob, Matt and Kurt have much to say.  If you are into hearing the crew just freely talk about whatever, you'll love this episode.  So much was talked about it is hard to recall, but there is definitely something for everyone.  Just listen and enjoy.

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Less than a week from the launch of the Xbox Series S/X and the PS5, the VGS crew brings you the news you need to know.  Join Rich, Matt and Bob as they talk the next gen arrivals, the latest in gaming news, and the first part of their top lists.  Part two, including your top lists to be feature on the next episode.  Be sure to email you top lists in if you haven't already to

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So, it was supposed to be a Halloween show for show 600, but instead it became way more about show 600.  600 episodes is a ton.  Join Rich, Matt and Bob talk about 600 episodes, some very special guests drop by, we talk emails, Microsoft partnering with GameStop, the expense of being collectors, and big plans for show 601. 

A very special thank you to all our listeners.  Whether you've heard all 600 episodes or just 1 episode, we appreciate you and thank you very much.

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What starts off as a cold open, the crew of Rich, Bob and Matt discuss many things on this latest episode.  Topics include Matt got himself a Nintendo Switch, Rolling Stone's Top 500 Albums, obscure 80s horror/sci-fi films, our take on Microsoft buying Bethesda, PS5 & Series S/X news, Among Us from out of nowhere (the new hotness), and other general discussions.

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After a bit of a break, and no one announcing anything, the crew is back with much news.  Rich, Matt & Bob breakdown the announcements of the Xbox Series S/X, PS5 models, and Nintendo announcing many games.  We also pay our respects to the DS family.  Along with all that, Bob & Rich get into a long discussion about watching movies in the 80s.  It is quite the return.

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Join Rich, Bob, Matt and Kurt as they discuss two epic p*ssing contests in 2020...Microsoft vs Sony and Epic Games vs Apple/Google.  We also discuss other gaming news and devote a good chunk of time talking about our favorite examples of songs that make movie scenes go from great to amazing.  Let us know if we missed any by emailing

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How to describe this show?  Kinda of difficult to put into words.  Here it goes.  It has Rich, Matt, Bob and Kurt in it.  They start off discussing what they've been playing/watching lately.  After that they go deep into the Adult Swim rabbit hole.  Then I seem to remember a bunch of cross searches with and Wikipedia.  It just got weird after that.  A strange, but fun journey.  Enjoy.

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Wow, a bunch of people are this week's VGS.  Join Rich, Matt, Kurt, Bob, Jake and special guest James Lee as they rant and rave on.  Topics include the "Mario" NWC cart for sale (and we have owner James tell us all about it), emails, Xbox Games Showcase, Nintendo Mini Direct, retro games being a seller's market, Sphere (1998), and so much more.

Also, if you are interested in more information or to make an offer on the "Mario" NWC cart, please look up James Lee on Facebook and contact him direct for details.

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Yep, we got ourselves a birthday.  Rich celebrates turning 42 with Bob, Kurt, Matt and special guest Martin on this bonus episode of VGS.  The crew talks retro game prices on the rise, consoles and new games being hard to find, movies and more on this totally random bonus episode.

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The crew of Rich, Bob, Matt and (briefly) Kurt are back with another VGS.  On this episode we discuss the digital directs of the week (Limited Run Games, Devolver Digital & Ubisoft), Dustin Hoffman, movie talk, the price of retro games being insane, consoles hard to find, Sphere, and so much more.  

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Long title, we know, and you'll have to listen to get the reference.  Rich, Bob and Matt return with a new VGS to discuss the PS5 conference, some new awesome game announcements, further gaming news, movie news including movie theaters reopening and the resurgence of drive-ins, and so much more.

Apologies for the popping sound during the podcast.  We did not notice until after recording and couldn't edit it out.  We will fix before next episode.

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After a bit of an unplanned absence, the boys are back.  Rich, Matt, Kurt and Bob gather again (via Skype) to talk gaming.  They hit up your emails, discuss what has been going on in our lives, the state of gaming in the midst of 2020, games coming soon in 2020, are the PS5/Series X necessary for 2020, what we're playing, and more. 

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At home shows continue on this week's VGS.  Rich, Matt, Kurt and Bob hang out virtually and talk all sorts of things.  We discuss what we (and some of you) have been playing/watching, the announcement of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 & 2 Remake, several sources releasing physical editions of Streets of Rage 4, catching up on game backlog, long lost Taco Bell items, the abandoned Disney island, and much more.

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Despite a massive storm rolling through the STL, that won't stop the crew from recording a new episode.  Join Rich, Kurt, Matt and Bob as we provide personal updates, talk the latest gaming news (what there is to discuss), WWE lay offs, new movies in the new world, Rich's new toy obsession, Disney/theme parks, and Joey.

Also, didn't realize as we were recording, but pretty incredible to be posting up show 590 thinking back to the days of recording out of KFNS, 590 The Fan and how far we have come since those early days in 2004.  Oh memories...oh how I got old. -Rich 

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Yes, finally VGS is back with a new episode.  VGS turns 16 and to celebrate we have Rich, Kurt, Matt, Bob and a wild Jake appears.  The crew talks all things gaming while being stuck at home and sidetracks (of course) onto various topics.  Oh, just like old times.  Regular recording schedule has resumed, plus, the announcement of another return.  Stay tuned and enjoy.

Please excuse any audio issues that may occur as we are still getting used to the new remote set up system and doing this over Skype instead of all together in the same room.

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Hey everyone!  With this installment Rich and VGS presents the return of long time favorite, The Geeked Out Podcast.  Previously featured on Bombed Out Radio's Takeover Tuesdays on The U, Josh and Chris return after nearly five years to record a new episode and they were kind enough to let us present it to you.  Also included is an introduction by Rich, who in addition to introducing GOP 133, also gives an update on VGS and what is to come.  Enjoy.

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While the outbreak may be delaying mini consoles, delaying games, closing down conventions, and being a movie with Dustin Hoffman, that doesn't stop Rich and Matt from gathering to talk the talk and... well... talk the talk some more.  We hit up your emails, talk gaming news, video game music, upcoming releases and so much more.

Direct download: VGS_Show_588_3.10.20.mp3
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Rich and Matt might be alone, but there is still plenty of talk on this episode.  The boys discuss Xbox Series X specs, Limited Run Games, upcoming releases, new retro toys, the good ole days, a special surprise call, and so much more.

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After being delayed a week due to a winter weather advisory (nothing ended up happening), the crew is back and ready to record again.  Join Rich, Kurt and Matt as we talk emails, report back from Mo Game Con Junior, have a very long discussion about Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony's next gen plans/rumors, and so much more.

Direct download: VGS_Show_586_2.11.20.mp3
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The crew is back and we bid a fond farewell and good luck to Addy as she moves onto the next phase of life.  Join Rich, Addy, Bob, Kurt and Matt as they discuss fond Addy moments, the long list of gaming delays, burger spots, small mouths, and a bunch of unexpected movie talk.

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After the holiday break, the crew of Rich, Addy, Kurt and Matt are ready to storm the world of video games once again!  This episode we discuss our top 10 games of the decade, which generates a number of "oh yeah, that was in the last 10 years..." moments.

Apologies that the audio is slightly off compared to the norm.  Our main recorder failed during recording and we had to use the secondary recorder to still have a show this week.  Thank you, and enjoy.

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Hey everyone.  Well, a combination of a winter storm and the Missouri Department of Transportation dropping the ball, we were unable to gather to record the 2019 Christmas episode.  So let's do another rewind episode and go back five years ago to the 2014 Bombed Out Radio Christmas...well...we called it a bunch of different things.  We will be back recording new episodes January 7.  Until then, enjoy this flashback episode, Happy Holidays and New Year!!!

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Thanksgiving 2019 has come and gone and thankfully the VGS crew didn't eat themselves to death.  Rich, Addy, Kurt and Matt run down your emails, talk the latest news, what they want for Christmas, celebrity encounters, and a special appearance from Matt's wife Sam.  All this and more on this new episode.

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Yes, finally, the VGS crew is back with an all new episode.  Get caught up with Rich, Addy, Kurt and Matt as we talk about what we've been doing, read emails, get caught up on the news since we've been away, is $1,000,000 to much for the WATA Super Mario Bros for the Pawn Stars to invest in, and so much more.  Great to be back and Happy Thanksgiving!

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We return for one final replay before new episodes start coming out on November 13.  Halloween has always been a favorite holiday for the VGS crew.  For this trip down memory lane we go back to just last year for our Halloween episode from Casa de Gurley.  Enjoy the episode, Happy Halloween and talk to you all again fresh and new on November 13.

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Good news everyone!  We will be back to our regular recording schedule starting November 12.  In the meantime, here is another VGS classic episode.  We go back to one of the biggest events in VGS history, the ten year anniversary episode.  Old school fans will love this trip down memory lane and new fans will get an overview of the first 10 years of VGS.

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While the VGS crew is still on their extended break, Rich takes us back 7 years ago to a classic VGS episode (VGS Show 369).  This one goes back to the UMSL radio days and features Nick Kraftor and Rich declaring war on Coca-Cola and Big Josh with a new entry in the Red Shirt Diaries.  Enjoy this walk down memory lane.

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So MO Game Con 2019 has come and gone and we are all a bit tired.  On top of all that, Matt is about to transform into the legendary Hella Dad!  Before that, Rich, Matt and special guest Andy sit down for one more VGS before our extended break.  We review MO Game Con, talk Genesis Mini, upcoming holiday game releases, get into some emails, and more.  Stay tuned to the Facebook page for updates on when we'll be recording again.

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Yes, MO Game Con has come and gone, and frankly, it was a bit of a blur.  Thankfully there is evidence of it happening in the form of the VGS episode recorded at the live panel.  Join the crew of Rich, Addy, Kurt, Matt, Bob and other special guests as we discuss the Rooster Teeth First price hike, hold a video game town hall, get down with some ASMR, have the biggest cluster f*** grab bag, and much more.  Thank you to all those that attended MO Game Con and the VGS panel.

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A mini, a lite and old men flying jets are on tap for this episode of VGS.  Join Rich, Matt, Kurt, Bob and special Guest Ben as we discuss many things including the Turbografx-16 Mini, the Switch Lite, LRG's latest odd venture, Top Gun sequel and other movie trailers, and so much more.

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VGS crew, featuring VGS, is back for an all new VGS, starring VGS!!!  Anyway...Rich, Kurt, Matt & Bob are back and manage to pull off this episode only having a handful of emails, two news stories, and promoting Mo Game Con 2019 (get your tickets now at August 3 featuring VGS and so much more!!!

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Ah yes, E3 2019 is here.  Also, we have our huge email contest as well.  It is pretty packed show.  Find out what we like, disliked, meh'd, and despised about E3 2019.  Listen to the entries into the Worst Video Game Experience email contests, and just listen to the general conversation with Rich, Addy, Kurt, Matt, Bob and some other guy.

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Matt and Rich are left on their own and with virtually no gaming news, yet they manage to pull off a new episode of VGS.  We discuss Mo Game Con 2019, your emails, the next ten games announced for the Sega Genesis Mini and what games we'd like to see added, Summer game releases, AEW's Double or Nothing, some movies we've seen, and so much more.  Also, we make a contest announcement with some big prizes, including 2 VIP tickets to Mo Game Con, for the next episode.  Tune in to find out how to win.

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Oh yeah, we get downright philosophical on this episode...not really.  Anyway, Rich, Bob, Matt & Addy announce there will be a VGS panel at MO Game Con 4 with a live episode, we discuss emails, can you separate the art and the artist, Addy has a story for us, and so much more.

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Don't worry, we don't spoil or really even mention Avengers End Game or Game of Thrones.  We do however spoil some of the Halloween sequels from the '80s, so be warned there.  The crew, including Rich, Addy, Matt & Bob, are back for another VGS.  We continue the stream thing (follow us at and talk to folks in the chat, hit up your emails, and discuss the topics of gaming.  Sonic trailer, games 11-20 added to Genesis Mini, a so-called games preservationist selling undumped ROMs has no idea what the word "defamation" means, more MO Game Con 2019 announcements, a game about panties, and so much more.

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In April 2004, a project called Video Games Show (VGS for short), was first posted on the web to see if people would find and listen to some regular folks talk video games.  Fifteen years later and we're still talking.  Join the crew of Rich, Kurt, Addy, Matt & Bob as we talk about fifteen years of VGS.  We hit emails hard, we talk some news, but mostly we walk down memory road and the wild ride it has been.  Also, we launch the official show Twitch channel and now you'll be able to listen in and chat with us live as we record every other Tuesday night.  Come follow us at

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Well, it has been a bit quiet news wise since the last episode, but Rich, Matt & Addy will still keep you entertained.  We got emails again, discuss multiple upcoming consoles (including one we are super excited about), hitting the game release lull time of year, how Twitch works, odd movie pairings, and more.

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Few things put panic into the heart of Rich as a wire pulling, claw digging feline.  But that is neither here nor there.  A lighter crew this episode as Rich, Matt & Bob talk away about all things.  This week's topics include Google's newly announced "console," how are wallets and accounts are taking a pounding from all the limited print releases dropping right now, a new Wii U game coming next week, comic book movies, Tarantino, and much more.

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Well, you know what happens when the crew doesn't record for any extended length of time.  Yep, one of those shows.  Nonetheless, the crew gets it together enough to read emails, talk Anthem taking it one step further than Fallout 76, Apex Legends making trouble for Fortnite, Panasonic no longer making blu-ray players, random Dick Tracy facts, and so much more.

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Picking up where we left off two weeks ago (it really feels like it since we left that night watching Troll 2 and started out tonight watching Troll 2 again), the crew of Rich, Kurt, Matt & Bob continue to wax poetically the subject of video games and whatever pops up in their heads.  Is the latest mistake from LRG the biggest?  Can Microsoft and Nintendo game hand-in-hand?  Where's Baby the best $2.99 you can spend on Steam right now?  Who leaves with the worst stuff at the end of the episode?  These questions and so many others will be answered on this episode of VGS

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It's 2019 and break time is over.  Yes, VGS is back!  Rich, Bob, Matt & Kurt return after a long vacation and get right back to work talking games and getting sidetracked.  We hit up emails, discuss the news of gaming and pop culture, upcoming game releases, random acts of public dancing, Home Shopping Club, marking to 40-somethings, and so much more.

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Oh yes, Christmas is upon us.  The entire crew (minus Jake...yea) gathers for another VGS Christmas celebration.  Gifts are given, emails are read, some game news is covered, some great Christmas memories are covered, just a full dose of cheer and merriment with a dash of VGS brand humor.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!  We shall return in 2019!!!

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Back to the normal format this week.  Join Rich, Matt & Addy as we catch up on what happened since last we met, including Black Friday/Cyber Monday purchases, Matt discusses the PlayStation Classic, we ponder what Peter McCallister does for a living, the last of the new game releases for 2018, toys aimed to hit the nostalgia button, emails, and so much more!!!

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Oh yes, for one last time, the Bombed Out Radio Network crew invades The U.  Join Rich, Keith and Addy in studio, along with Nick Kraftor, Big Josh, Ron and Kevin via Discord, for one last show at UMSL Radio The U.  Memories of the UMSL era will be discussed, along with what everyone has been up to.  We also go on a strange adventure in the world of Twitch, Ron has some Would You Rather questions for us, we take calls, and so much more.

Bonus: Due to the comedy of errors that occurred, the previously only streamed pre-show has been included in this episode.  Enjoy.

Please note the audio is a bit rough at times and the volume can jump now and again.  This was due to recording in a brand new set up that we had less than a few minutes to figure out.  We apologize.  

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Wow, this was so not planned.  In fact, coming off of Rich and Matt's two-man show last time, we weren't even sure a show was going to happen Thanksgiving week.  Well, not only did a show happen, but everyone came home.  Yes, the entire crew of Rich, Addy, Kurt, Matt, Bob and even Jake are full of holiday cheer and put on a little show.  We discuss Black Friday deals, Fallout 76 release, Spyro Remastered's disc being pretty worthless, kidney stones, a grown man throwing a temper tantrum at GameStop, and so much more.  We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and if you need an escape from the family, you are always welcome at the VGS Thanksgiving table.

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Yep, it is that time of year when schedules and people's lives just get crazy.  Not to worry, we still have a new episode of VGS.  Rich and Matt take this one on their own, a throwback to the early days of recording out of Game Trader II back in the day.  The guys talk emails, Red Dead Redemption II, Sony PlayStation Classic full game reveal, IGN misreporting P.T. downloads disappearing,  AT Games dropping the ball big time, and so much more.

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Happy Halloween everyone!  Rich, Matt, Bob and Kurt report in for their annual Halloween episode of VGS.  Not to worry, we do discuss what is going on in the world if video games, including wondering if we'll ever get more games announced for the PlayStation Classic, some money saving tips, Red Dead Redemption II release and much more.  Then we get into the spirit of things and read emails, Kurt reports on his Blair Witch hunt, Rich talks about seeing Halloween (2018), we get attacked by cave crickets, and even more.  It is packed episode, so it back, pack in some Halloween treats and enjoy.

Movies on TVs: Evil Dead 2, Insidious, The Exorcist, In the Mouth of Madness, From Dusk Til Dawn, Jacob's Ladder.

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The chopped crew of Rich, Matt & Bob are back, left to their own devices on an all new episode.  Of course we get to emails and discuss many topics from Red Dead Redemption 2 & Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's upcoming releases and massive installs/patches, the flood of new games in the coming months, what we would do if we reopened Toys R Us, how to find time to game with families, outdated tech issues the young will never have to deal with, collecting and other hobbies, and so much more.

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Once again we have a full house this week, where so many things will be discussed, impressions will be made, minds will be shattered, and tables will be pounded upon.  For the crew of Rich, Bob, Kurt, Matt and Addy, nothing is sacred, nothing is off limits, nothing will be not somehow mixed with a Cosby impression.  Oh yeah, it is a show that should have probably been only 50 minutes long, but we ended up with an hour more.  How do we do it, come on in and find out.

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While we are in full swing of the Fall/Winter game release flood, video game news has all but disappeared.  No worries, we still have a show for ya.  Rich, Bob and Matt read submissions and announce a winner of the email giveaway, discuss upcoming game releases, recent movies we watched, the great era of video stores, and so much more.

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What happens when the gaming world gives Rich, Matt & Bob very little to talk about?  Well, you get a show like this.  While we did discuss some gaming, we also discussed movies we've never seen, Kevin Bacon, Saturday Night Live, procedural TV shows, and so much more!!!

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Yes, as in Garfield the cat.  Anyway, welcome to an all new episode of VGS!!!  Rich, Kurt, Matt & Addy discuss Garfield, go through emails, announce an email giveaway, recap MO Game Con 2018, discuss Twitch player Ninja swearing off girls, EA is at it again, and a game company we love doing something insane and why GameStop should be getting real nervous.  All this and so much more on this week's episode!!!

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We have reached the week of Mo Game Con 2018 ( and the crew is super excited.  Rich, Bob, Addy, Matt & Kurt discuss all things Mo Game Con 2018.  Also emails are read, Kurt's plugging discussed, GameStop ending the Elite Rewards program, retail store difficulties, toy companies having issues, and so much more.  Remember, you can meet all VGS crew members on August 4 at Mo Game Con 2018!!!

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Seriously, Kurt was full of the plugs this week.  Heck, I forgot halfway through what show I was listening to.  Join Rich, Bob, Matt, Kurt and Addy for an all new VGS.  We, as always, spend time reading your emails, talk Mo Game Con 2018 and general convention advice, the release of Sonic Mania Plus, Matt discovers Captain Toad on the 3DS, Rich spends his last show in his 30s, and so much more.

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Alright, I'll be honest, things got crazy on this episode of VGS.  We had a full cast of Rich, Matt, Bob, Addy, Kurt and the return of Jake.  Not only was that crazy, but with the next day being Independence Day, some folks were drinking and others were just in a slapstick mood.  It is one of those super fun shows.  In addition to emails, Addy reports back from NYC, Kurt talks Chicago and an amazing arcade, the release dates of Shenmue ! & II, Atari VCS Indiegogo campaign concluding, the re-release of the NES Classic, and so much more!

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Yes, it is that time of year again.  E3 has come and gone.  Did you miss out?  No worries.  The crack reporting team of Rich, Matt & Bob will break it down for you.  We also read emails, discuss unpopular opinions about gaming, drift away into non-gaming conversations much to Matt's disgust, promote Mo Game Con 2018, as well as an upcoming Addy appearance, and so much more!

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A tiny crew by comparison to recent episode, but profound nonetheless.  Join Rich, Matt & Bob as the read emails, talk Mo Game Con 2018, discuss Rich's disbelief in the Atari VCS presales, predictions/hopes for E3 2018, and finally get to discuss music.  Have any comments or questions, please email, we love getting emails!

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After a bit of a break, the VGS crew is ready to tantalize your ear holes with a brand new episode.  Once again Jake is absent, but in his place we have a blast from the past guest Kurt in his place, and he brought beer, and Addy brought Oreo cookies, and things get goofy.  In addition to emails, the crew discusses Mo Game Con 2018, Capcom's bad decisions, CoD Black Ops IIII (yeah, that is how they are displaying that) online only, just how much money Fortnite makes, 1999, and so much more.

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Addy, Bob, Matt and Rich are back for another episode.  It started out about video games.  Talking new release announcements, Far Cry 5, God of War, reviewing games without playing them, game was going like clockwork.  Then somehow it went off the rails and we talk movies, syndicated TV shows, cats almost ruining the show, and more.

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It is rare that you can pinpoint a moment where someone says something so outlandish that you can actually hear in the silence the collective think "well, this person needs to go."  This happens on this episode, and Addy said the thing.  Join Rich, Addy and Matt as they cover emails and very limited amount of gaming related news.  We resume our movie conversation as well as talk Adult Swim, TV in general, Rich gives thoughts on Wrestlemania, Matt organizes his music, and Addy says the thing that shocks Matt and Rich to total and complete disbelief (if you listen carefully, you can hear their minds crack).

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The whole gang is seated for an all new VGS.  We are back to focusing on the world of video games this week as there was actual gaming related things to discuss.  We cover emails, some new release announcements, the Atari VCS, Game Informer's Top 300 issues, and more.

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