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The Video Games Show (or VGS for short) is a weekly gaming and pop culture podcast hosted by Rich Bergin, Matt Gurley, Bob Friedel and Kurt Bowers Combining extensive knowledge and experience in gaming, movies, music, comics and pop culture, VGS will provide a comical look at all things and go off topic many, many times.

I know, I know... Where is 305?  Truth be told I forgot to pull it from the studio server before we left for the evening and now the campus has been shut down and inaccessible for the last week.  It's out of order but I am going to attempt to retrieve it this week sometime.  That being said it pales in comparison to this week's episode.  We go through some news, have some serious insightful discussion and talk about the new games added to our repitoire thanks to the great Christian tradition known as Christmas!  Come join us for the final episode of 2010!

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Another fun week in the VGS studios as Rich and Kraft tackle some pre-holiday video game news!  Also we announce our VGS all-nighter event this coming Friday the 17th.  

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Due to repeated requests from some of our viewers we are posting the entire uncut interview with Simutronics for your listening enjoyment.  See how disorganized Kraft and Rich can be and just how truly funny and entertaining everyone over at Simutronics actually are!  On a side note, shout out to Sally, Stefficus, and Daisy in the FU Chatroom for keeping it entertaining!

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Tons of fun on this show!  On top of the news we take a trip out to Simutronics and interview members of the team behind the up-and-coming facebook/internet game Fantasy University.  After the interview Rich and Kraft discuss the game in depth and talk a little about the upcoming live all-nighter show in a few weeks!  Join us for yet another all new episode of The Video Games Show!

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Phew!  We finally managed to get both Kraft and Rich back in the studio at the same time!  And they talk about video games news no less!  We have plenty of news about Kinect sales, upcoming game deals for the holiday season and more.  Come join us for another all new episode of The Video Games Show!

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Well with our first post-300 show we start out by shaking things up a bit.  Rich couldn't be with us in the studio so we invited the Voice of VGS, Sarah!  It is the return of the Gabe-cam as we cover all of the news approaching the hard-core holiday season.  Tune in for all the fun on this week's new Video Games Show!

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With Gameapalooza still fresh in our minds Rich and Kraft are still a little burnt out from putting on the event.  That  being said this is a "fun" show where we just act ridiculous.  If you are looking for news, you might want to look elsewhere this week.  If you are looking for off the wall stupidity, you found it.

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That's right, VGS's second live event to commemorate show 300 is here!  A big thanks to everyone that came out to support us, including BigJosh359, Tyguy, AJeezy, Otakuman, Hoss and more!  

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It is the final show before our next live event.  We pack this episode with plenty of news, emails and reviews of the new Medal of Honor, Comic Jumper, Plants Vs. Zombies for the 360 and Majesty 2.  Enjoy this episode of The Video Games Show and we hope to either see you or have you tune in to the live event next Monday!

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It's another one of those weird shows we're going to chalk up to a lack of food and excess of caffeine.  Come join us as we stumble through this week's news and talk more about the upcoming Gameapalooza!

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Only 3 more weeks until Gameapalooza!  Apparently someone slipped Rich a little too much caffeine as we have one of our good ol' fashioned ridiculous nights in the studio.  Tune in for the fun, the mayhem and even a little news.

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Et tu Nintendo?  Not to be left out of the crazy news category Nintendo drops a 3DS bombshell that hits Rich right on the forehead.  Luckily some news on NBA Jam helps him feel better.  Also, live call-ins are back on this week's all new Video Games Show!

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Good news Canada!  We talk about you A LOT this show.  Well, I'm not sure if this is good news but it is a fact.  Come join us as we hate on Bobby Kotick and more on this week's all new Video Games Show!

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Another week in our new home at The U brings with it tons of fun news and a review of a game that isn't even in beta stages yet.  Come check out our thoughts on what might just be the best/worst game we've ever played.  DIIIIIIAMONDS!

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We are officially moving our new time to Monday nights every week!  Come join us from 9 to 11pm every week on for our live shows.  This week we recap PAX news and look forward to the upcoming Tokyo Games Show.

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Back in the home studio we have more time to talk about just how much we loathe Microsoft at the moment.  We also catch up on your emails and want to remind everyone that there is ONE MORE WEEK to submit haiku entries to win the Borderlands/PlainSight prizes!

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We christen a new studio as The Video Games Show broadcasts from University of Missouri - St. Louis's radio studio!  There are some technical glitches to be worked out so we apologize in advance for the abrupt cutoff of the show.  Join us this Thursday for our regularly scheduled show!

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Video Games Show,

with all the news you could want

and a whole lot more.

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This week Kraft learns the importance of clicking 'publish' after he uploads a show!  Sorry about the delay with this episode but your weekly influx of news emails and more is finally here.  Check out this slightly delayed episode of the Video Games Show!

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We asked for emails and boy did you all deliver!  Rich and Kraft tackle over 1 hour of listener emails and save just a bit of time to hit on the biggest news of the week.  Want to send your own email in?  Hit us up at and for now listen in to this week's all new Video Games Show!

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The NPDs are in for Post E3 madness and we reveal quite a few surprises.  Not only this but there is plenty of discussion about who called who a prick now and why certain people can go fornicate with themselves as some others have graciously put it.  Tune in for this week's all new Video Games Show!

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Slightly short show as we had no reviews or emails this week.  Still plenty of news but not quite enough for the full 1 1/2 hour stretch.  Of course had we gotten an email or two from our dedicated listeners all would have been fine =P  Either way come check out this weeks Video Games Show!

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Well the show has officially moved to its new Thursday night time!  Join us in the chatroom for a live broadcast every Thursday around 6pm CST.  This week we pile on the news, emails and Rich provides with not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR game reviews including the new LEGO game and the new Crackdown game.  We look forward to seeing you on this week's all new Video Games Show!

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After a brief hiatus we are back to recap the best of E3!  On top of that we have plenty of more news, Rich reviews the new Transformers game and we even find a few minutes to read some of our listener email.  Come join us for a post-E3-arific Video Games Show!
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E3 is now in full swing as we bring you news from all three major press conferences as well as plenty of tidbits from the show floor!  Come join us as we bask in the awe presented by Nintendo and wonder why Sony bothered showing up.  This and more on this week's Video Games Show!

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Slowly but surely news is starting to trickle out of the industry about exactly what we can expect at E3.  Some are promising huge things, others are promising nothing.  Who stands where?  Tune in to this weeks brand new Video Games Show to find out!

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Another calm before the storm episode:  with E3 right around the corner companies are guarding their secrets a little more closely than usual.  We talk a bit about what news did happen as well as a few of the rumors floating around in the aether.

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What is going on over at Microsoft?!  What is going on over at Gamespot?!?!  WHAT IS GOING ON AT THE VIDEO GAMES SHOW STUDIOS??!?!1eleven  Tune in this week to find out!

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We shortened the show up a bit this week due to a lack of interesting things to talk about.  Kraft does have a special announcement to all of the people who bought the Stimulus Map Pack though.

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It's a lazy week.  Don't feel like typing a bunch.  We do news, NintendoJunkii does a review and we laugh a bunch.

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Almost a third of our news this weeks is dedicated exclusively to Bungie, Infinity Ward/Respawn and Activision.  Not surprisingly we get rather excited when it is time to move on.  Also, this is the first show we've held a live webcast during!  Interested in more?  Then listen to this week's brand new Video Games Show!

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This week:  News, reviews and a big thanks to BigJosh who actually donated us a computer for use in producing our podcast!  Make sure to check out his personal site,, while you are listening to this week's all new Video Games Show!

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Did you know:  Tony Hawk is crazy?  Activision has bad karma?  Rich once ate a live turtle?  Well, one of those actually isn't true.  Listen to this week's Video Games Show to find out which it is!

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We made it another lap around the pool!  With show 138 we've tied with the number of shows that VGS V1 had and we move next week into unexplored territory.  Of course we have tons of news and listener email for you this week as always.  Come join us for the world-famous Video Games Show!

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The new show is finally out as our normal Tuesday recording got usurped by disease.  This week we talk about how much Kraft hates people who buy 15 dollar map packs, how Ubisoft is slowly destroying the faith we had in them and much more!  

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We take some time this week to talk with the guys behind and also have a review of the recently released MLB 2k10 on the PC!  All that with your regular dose of news, emails and more on this weeks Video Games Show!

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This week we have an abridged hour show as we get ready for a big week to follow.  A lot of interesting news has hit the scene as we discuss the new Nintendo 3DS, a possible slim 360 and other such crazy ideas.  Come join us for this week's dose of The Video Games Show!

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Good ol' GDC rolls around to... apparently not much fanfare.  We've got a little exciting news though and some possible info on the successor to the Nintendo DS!  Also, Ben the Roadie stops by and we even have some time for listener email.  Check out this week's rendition of the World Famous (and original) Video Games Show!

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One week before GDC but there is still plenty of news to go around!  Rich and Kraft also reminisce about how much they love and miss one of their old stomping grounds:  Also, there was time to review both Heavy Rain for the PS3 and Altitude for the PC!  Come join us for an episode of The Video Games Show that we can call 'discombobulated' at best!

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WTF Activision?  Did the real Activision get kidnapped and replaced by their Bizarro-world counterpart?  Rich and Kraft try to make sense of some seriously crazy news this week.  We also discuss the fact that Rich couldn't review Heavy Rain due to a system-crashing PS3 bug...  And that is just two of the many things we have to talk about!  Come see what other craziness is getting dropped on this weeks all-new Video Games Show!

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After a one-week hiatus we are back in action!  This week brings you what sparse news there was for the better part of this month and we finally have a review of Bioshock 2 for you!  Of course remember that at the world-famous Video Games Show it is ALWAYS straight up dog time!

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Miyamoto confirms speculation that there is new hardware in development at Nintendo, Molyneux admits that he hates gamers and Kraft is floored by the news that there is a new Blaster Master game out!  Also Rich reviews the much anticipated Dante's Inferno and we take the time to answer a big batch of listener email!  Come chill with us on this weeks Video Games Show!

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Apparently Kraft is the only one excited about true 3D gaming.  Rich and Iwata don't care.  Plenty of other fun stuff in the news.  In fact this was a pretty entertaining episode all together.  At least it was for us, you can be the judge of its entertainment value yourself.  Don't forget to let us know what you think of the world-famous Video Games Show!

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We know, we know...  Apple stole the entertainment limelight by introducing us to the NEXT THING WE ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE UNLESS WE WANT TO FEEL LIKE A BUNCH OF BACKWARDS HICKS!  That aside we do have plenty of news from the world of video games as well as a review and your listener emails.  Steve Jobs does put on a hell of a show, but only The Video Games Show can keep you entertained year round!

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The final bit of CES news has trickled in to be combined with the fun pool of regular news this week!  Even with just 5 days since the last show we have plenty to talk about and not only that but we have a special guest in the studios today:  Ben the Roadie!  We also take some time to finally review Darksiders as well as get to our listener email.  Just another week at the world famous Video Games Show!
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CES is in full swing and boy do we have the news to prove it. We take up the art of speed reading the second hour of the show to make sure we save time for not just one, but two game reviews! Sit back and relax as Rich and Kraft tell you of all things gaming on this week's Video Games Show!
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Hello 2010 and hello VGS listeners! Still a little early for the post-holiday sales figures and it is not quite time for CES but we still have plenty of news to talk about. Plus we share a clip from one of our friend's podcasts: Crazy Gamers. It is too funny.
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