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The Video Games Show (or VGS for short) is a weekly gaming and pop culture podcast hosted by Rich Bergin, Matt Gurley, Bob Friedel and Kurt Bowers Combining extensive knowledge and experience in gaming, movies, music, comics and pop culture, VGS will provide a comical look at all things and go off topic many, many times.

Rich and Matt sit down for a shortened episode of VGS in order to review the top stories of 2015 and discuss their game of the year picks as well.  We are currently trying some new recording options, so the audio on this episode is not as good as we had hoped, but we still wanted to release a show.  Happy New Year everyone and see you in 2016.

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WARNING: This episode of VGS is uncensored and has some very harsh language not suitable for kids.  You have been warned.

DISCLAIMER: We had some major tech issues trying to record this episode and as a result, the audio has some distortion and issues at times.  I'm not happy to release a show like this, but I figure a tech issue episode is better than no episode.  We are working to get this corrected before the next episode.

It's Christmas time once again and VGS does it the only way they know how...Bombed Out style.  Rich is joined by Game Trader 2's Matt Gurley and Chuck Shaw as we play Real/Fake animated Christmas specials, we go over another series of questions from Rich, we have a special guest send in Christmas wishes, and we read emails.  Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from the VGS crew.

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Rich, Matt & new guy Anthony get all warm and fuzzy once again inside of Game Trader II for another episode of the VGS.  The boys really only had one topic this week that ended up becoming a one hour rant session.  What started as discussing all the games that have come out for the holiday season morphed into...well...can't really describe it.  Anyway, sit back in front of a warm fire with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy this new episode of VGS.

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From the Bombed Out studios comes another episode of VGS.  Rich and special guest host Matt Gurley waste no time in getting right into Fallout 4 talk, which is about half the show.  They also report on other news and announce the next winner of the Retron 1 contest.  Let's face it.  You're playing Fallout 4, I'm playing Fallout 4, you probably won't listen to this episode until after the time vampire that is Fallout 4 stops sucking away at your life.

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Kraft, Rich & a returning Keith gather at the the table of Game Trader II one last time on this episode of VGS.  Things stay upbeat and a bit distracted as the boys talk before Kraft moves from the STL to the PHX.  Keith is made to play multiple games and the crew goes through random news stories and stories about the show.  Be sure to listen to the blockbuster announcement for an event in 2017 (never say never again).  The latest Retron 1 winner is announced and the next one is set to be given away.  Happy Halloween!  Stay Safe! Game On!

Farewell Mr. Nick Kraftor.  Safe travels for you, Sarah, and the kids!!!

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Kraft, Rich and special guest Ben Cook, from local game company Well Bred Rhino ( discuss all matter of things on this new episode of VGS.  Kraft drops a major bombshell, Ben catches us all up on his life, Chuck still won't get on mic, and Rich has way too much faith in State Farm bailing him out.  We also cover news, announce the next chance to win a Retron 1, and play another game of Would Rich Buy It?  Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook at

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Well, we promised everyone a show and we are going to keep that promise.  Sadly, this is not what we hoped for, so it is to go down in the records as an infamous .5 episode.  You'll learn very quick that this was intended to be show 492, but things went wrong (stupid recorder).  Also, we were working with a brand new sound board on this episode and not all the bugs have been worked out.  So apologies up front, we will do better next time.  That being said, Kraft, Rich and special guest Matt Gurley (Game Trader 2, Retro Gaming Expert) pull it together.  Matt will be on again soon to make up for this (sorry Matt).  Anyway, sit back and enjoy this "halfsies" episode of VGS.

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Did you miss us?  We missed you.  Yes, Kraft and Rich are back with a new episode of VGS for your listening pleasure.  The guys talk about the latest news, go into way too much detail about all the upcoming video game releases between now and Christmas, introduce a new segment, announce a contest, and run through some emails.  Oh, did I mention they got to record at Game Trader 2 (2 Hawks Nest Plaza, St. Charles, MO)?  Be sure to stay tuned to the VGS Facebook page for show announcements and other fun stuff.

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After a long break, Mr. Kraftor and Mr. Bergin on back to help ease the withdraws from a missing VGS.  The guys update everyone on what has been going on, where the show is going, talk a bit of raffling, and hit up all the emails.  Please stay tuned to the Facebook page ( for all show updates.

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Rich, Patrick & Keith are back in studio for an all new VGS.  After discussing the news of the week, including Batman: Arkham Knight's PC release issues, the Humble Borderlands Bundle, and Final Fantasy VII Remake, the crew revisits E3 from the previous episode.  Last time was all about reporting on the happenings, this time is all about the opinion.  Warning: Rich goes on a bit of a rant and it may upset some folks, but hey, it wouldn't be VGS if it was all about popular opinion.  Be sure to email and responses, questions and comments to

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Well, after a week off, the VGS crew is back with a double sized episode of VGS.  Join Rich, Keith & Patrick in studio, along with Addy over the phone as we dive into everything E3.  We cover the Nintendo World Championships, Bethesda, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony, Square Enix, PC Gaming press conferences, as well as the Nintendo Direct.  We even have time to talk about the Steam Summer Sale and Pizza Hut's odd hot dog pizza.  We also want to hear from you with your E3 opinions on next week's VGS.  Be sure to email

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Well, after a much needed break, the VGS crew is back for the summer.  Rich, Keith & Patrick discuss all the news of gaming, including a recent wave of Nintendo new release dates, Bethesda counting down to a new game (Fallout 4?), Think Geek being bought by GameStop, upcoming E3 information and predictions, and so much more.  There were also a number of callers, including favorites Big Josh, Kitty Cat Addy, Jose, Chris & Chase.  Be sure to join us on our summer schedule every Tuesday night 7p-9p CST (except during E3 week, please watch the Facebook page for details).

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It's the final episode of VGS for the semester at UMSL.  Join Rich, Addy, Cassie & Keith as we have an off topic episode of VGS.  To recount everything talked about is impossible.  Things you need to know, we are now going to have a uStream video feed live on recording nights, we are moving to 7p-9p CST on Tuesdays starting June 2, there are no shows for the next two weeks (sorry), and we love you all!!!

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Another packed house for this week's VGS.  Rich, Keith, Addy, Cassie & Patrick discuss many topics, including the first year Video Game Hall of Fame contenders, Valve allowing developers to ban players off their games on Steam, PC getting its own E3 press conference, Super rare SNES games you might own, and many other things.  We also hit up some emails as well and remind everyone why they should like the Facebook page and listen to the live stream (keyword: prizes).  

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Too many...things...just too many.

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Long story short, I wrote a nice description and then the site refreshed and it is all gone.  That being said, here is the short version so I can go to bed.  Rich, Keith, Cassie & Pat talk the news and laugh a bunch, and then we included a bonus post show since the regular show was a bit short. 

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Wow, full house tonight as Rich, Keith, Addy and Patrick are joined by special guest Cassie Divine on a raged out episode of VGS.  So what did we cover?  How about GameStop to test market retro game sales, Mortal Kombat X's ulitmate nickel & diming scam, Star Wars Battlefront coming exclusively (at first) to Xbox One and EA Access, Guitar Hero being rebooted, and many other things.  Big thanks to BT (Kevin Krinn) for some amazing new show bumpers.  You need to listen to believe.

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First of all, Keith is back joining Rich, Addy and Patrick.  Second, Rich gets mulitple things.  Third, we all almost cry at one point (thanks Futurama and Rich bringing that up).  Fourth, the news.  Fifth, your emails.  Remember, wait 30 minutes after listening to swim as doing so too soon afterwards can result in drowning in funny.

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On this very special episode of VGS, Rich and Kraft are joined by Big Josh, Stephen Cameron, Shannon & Derrick to pay tribute to the website where we all got our start.  It's a fun night of memories and laughs.  Listen and enjoy

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Rich Bergin and Josh Dick take you on a recap of WWE Westlemania in this mini episode of Top of the Turnbuckle podcast.  We break down the matches and provide opinions of every step.  We also have a special guest join us.  Enjoy!

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After a week away from the normal show format, the show goes a bit long.  Rich, Addy & Patrick run through the news including Nintendo getting into mobile gaming and a new project called "NX," Steam releases info on Steam Box options, Uncharted 4 delayed to spring 2016, a return of a long forgotten football franchise, and so much more.  After news Rich discusses with Addy and Patrick the history of the video game crash of 1983 and if such a thing could happen again.  Please excuse the audio on Rich as his voice is still recovering from being sick (we tried to boost his volume has much as possible in post, but there may still be some spots he comes in low).

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Well, Rich is sick again, so he decided rather than expose Patrick and Addy to illness, he would present the latest episode of The Geeked Out Podcast, hosted by Big Josh himself Mr. Josh Dick and Mr. Chris Jennings.  We wanted to give our listeners a sample of this great podcast on The Bombed Out Radio Network.  If you enjoy what you hear, check them out at and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or your streaming service of choice.  Enjoy!

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After the short (and odd) show last week, Rich, Addy & Patrick are back with a more normal episode of VGS.  From VR headsets to retro games getting a new coat of paint, the crew runs down the news, including their general disgust for the Amiibo craze.  Next the crew is tortured with an all new quiz from Ron "Bongoparty" who gets mistaken for Big Josh.  Fianlly, we wrap things up with emails.  Sorry for the delay on the post, but things ran late and I fell asleep.  Better late than never, so enjoy.

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Sorry about not having a show last week, but Rich, Pat & Addy are back in studio for a shorter, but unclean version of VGS.  First off, this is not a clean show.  I have no idea how it got this out of control, but it did, and it is NSFW.  Anyway, we hit up emails and news in this small episode.  We promise to get back to normal next week.  Anyway, sit back, and enjoy. 

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Rich is alive and back in studio this week with Patrick and Addy for an all new VGS.  First, the crew reads emails, which leads to Rich giving a lecture on the basics of retro game collecting (be sure to take notes), then they hit up some news, and all suffer at the hands of another Bongo audio quiz, this time Sega music remixes.

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After Kraft was called away at the last second on the previous episode, Mr. Nick Krafter is back with in the driver's seat one more time before going on leave.  Rich is out sick, so Addy and Patrick go along for the wild ride that is a Kraft left on his own show.  Listen in as the crew shreds through the news, updates everyone on the VGS Minecraft server, and have their souls crushed by a Bongoparty provided audio quiz.  And we at VGS send best of luck and best wishes to Kraft and his wife Sarah as they prepare to welcome their third child into the world.  Best of luck.

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After almost not recording and agreeing to do a shortened show, Rich, Addy & Patrick got real serious about the state of gaming.  After starting out with responding to emails we got real on the gaming industry.  It got weird, but in that awesome kind of way.  You just need to listen to the show that almost didn't happen.

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Okay, so if it wasn't enough that we had tech issues at the ___ all day, we just had trouble getting our heads together on this episode after our longest gap without an episode.  Sorry again about that, between the holidays and Rich being sick for like three weeks, we ended up off for longer than planned.  Anyway, we promise we will be back in normal form next week.  Also, our own Bongo has started a new vanilla Minecraft server (PC) for the crew and friends of the show.  If you are interested in playing, please email and use the subject "Minecraft Server" along with your handle on Minecraft (PC).

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