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The Video Games Show (or VGS for short) is a weekly gaming and pop culture podcast hosted by Rich Bergin, Matt Gurley, Bob Friedel and Kurt Bowers Combining extensive knowledge and experience in gaming, movies, music, comics and pop culture, VGS will provide a comical look at all things and go off topic many, many times.
We round out this decade with a little news, a little craziness and just a touch of what we like to call the Golden Bang-Howdy awards! We thank you all for listening to us through the better part of the decade and look forward to another decade of VGS fun!
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Plenty to talk about this week as last minute holiday deals as well as new info on the release-packed first quarter of 2010 come pouring in. Rich and Kraft even do quick reviews of a few wonderful Steam deals that are in effect until January 3rd. Come join us for the penultimate show of this decade!
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As usual the time right before Christmas is a slow news week.  We still have plenty to talk about, though, from Sony making ridiculous claims to the final results from November's NPDs.  Rich and Kraft also take a moment to fill you in on what holiday presents are 'VGS Approved'.
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November has drawn to a close and we are starting to get numbers from black friday weekend.  Rich and Kraft also explain why there was no show last week and good news about our end of the year show!  With two weeks of news to catch up on you'd better hurry and start listening to the world-famous Video Games Show!
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On the final episode before the rush of holiday spending Rich and Kraft detail a few more holiday specials that are light on the pocketbook and heavy on the fun.  We also have quite a bevy of news as well as reviews of both Little Big Planet for the PSP as well as Lego Indiana Jones 2!  You can have all of this and more for the low low price of The Video Games Show!  (oh, it's free.)
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The shopping season lurks just around the corner... Rich and Kraft give the lowdown on where the great deals are this year.  Plus we review Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and discuss seemingly endless pages of news concerning how well it sold.  There is some other news as well but it seems fairly inconsequential...
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Rich and Kraft managed to cobble a show together even though Kraft was on the tail end of the flu.  I know this is surprising but we talk a bit about Modern Warfare 2 whether or not we want to.  Also lots of news from Activision as well as a Rich Review and an email from an old friend!  This and more on this week's Video Games Show!
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We bring to the table the largest WTF news section ever which is no small feat.  Along with that our normal dose of news, email and we review the new Ratchet and Clank game along with the new Torchlight PC game!  Come join us for another week of fun at The Video Games Show!
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This week brings not only a new Video Games Show, but also the introduction of a new podcast from Rich and Kraft: Bombed-Out Radio! Enjoy our continued weekly dose of gaming from your dependable VGS source and if you have a little more time to kill come visit the new site and podcast at
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This week's Video Games Show sets new bars! It's mega fun! It's super bombed-out! It's ultra violent! (That's right, we draw blood on the air.) Not only that but we have reviews of Borderlands, Brutal Legend and Scribblenauts! How can you handle all of this action? We never said you could...
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The Tokyo Game Show has drawn to a close and the holiday season is quickly approaching.  Tune in to this week's Video Games Show to get the lowdown on what games to get, what games to wait on and what games have been delayed until 2010... because that's what all the cool games are doing.  Also, our apologies to anyone that picked up the uncensored podcast.  Someone let us know of the mistake and it has now been fixed.
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We spend the entire show today discussing the may varied uses of the South American Alpaca.  Actually, we talk about video games because that is what we are good at.  Rich also tells us all about EA's new NHL game as well as the recently released Wet.  Join us for another bombed-out week of the Video Games Show!
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There was no poisonous Queso Crunch Wrap this week as Rich and Kraft are back and at it again.  It's not even October and we are already laying down news about upcoming holiday deals!  Plus plenty of news that just leaves you scratching your head... and a PSP review from Kraft to top it all off.  Come on down, you're the next contestant on The Video Games Show!
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Lots of new, lots of sidetracking and best of all: we had a woot-off to keep us entertained!  Plus we take a look at the new Beatles Rock Band and give you our impressions of it!  That's right kids, it's the Video Games Show!
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Just another Wednesday at the VGS Studios as we fill you in on the latest news.  Rich also has a chance to review Dirt 2 and gives you the lowdown on exactly why legendary track driver Colin McRae retired!  All this and more on this week's Video Games Show!
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It's been a crazy week at the VGS studio but Rich and Kraft managed to get together on Friday to knock out another glorious episode of the Video Games Show!  It's a news heavy episode as we grow ever nearer the time known as super-mega-horrible-mad-holiday-rush-spending-extravaganza.  Listen in to learn all the fun info on everything video game related!
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Rich is back in town and we have the latest lowdown on the good, the bad and the obnoxious in the video game industry.  We also take some time to review both Final Fantasy: Dissidia as well as the new Batman game!  Join us for another episode of The Video Games Show!
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Rich joins us on a live remote from a money-losing trip to Tunica, Mississippi and we are joined in-studio by our local Wii Advocate Greg Little.  We hit up the latest news this week including some serious foot-in-mouth action from Sony and Microsoft.  So come and join us... won't you be our neighbor?
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Sony finally answers our pleas for a price drop.  Lotta Fable news and we finally get back to reviews with Nintendo Junkii's help covering Wii Sports Resort and the new Motion Plus!  Of course there's plenty more where that came from on another 2 hour serving of the World Famous Video Games Show!
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We hope you all enjoyed last week's best-of show but we get right back to business this week.  With enough paper to start quite a forest fire (sorry Smokey) we tear through this week's news as well as we can.  Didn't even have enough time for reviews or emails!  Come join us for another all new episode of the Video Games Show!
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By the time you listen to this Kraft is already in the hospital with his wife and new kid.  Because of this we recorded a 1 hour best-of show earlier in the week with some of our favorite clips from the past 4 years!   We also manage to get a little news in so make sure to take a listen to this special Video Games Show!
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This just in:  everything has been delayed.  What looked to be a bang-up holiday for the video game industry just thinned out a bit as several big name titles just got bumped to 2010.  Plus a bunch of video game movie news, your listener emails and a Retro Review of a classic sleeper hit fills out this week's Video Games Show!
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A big thanks to and their Woot-Off today for keeping us company through the show... except for your dirty hippy drummers.  Come join us for this week's latest video game industry news as well as a chance to learn what Rich and Kraft have against hippies!
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Take Two, you broke our hearts :(  Bad news on the Bioshock 2 front, but there is plenty of good news this week.  How about free games, new game announcements and maybe Reggie Fils-Aime can finally explain what the hell this Wii Vitality Sensor is all about?  Come join us in this news and email heavy edition of the world famous Video Games Show!
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We once again hit our show 100 mark and celebrate with a few special events.  How about a little Chris Hoss in your err???  That not enough for you?  Well in that case we have more news and emails than one brain can possibly handle.  Come celebrate the return of the triple digits with Rich and Kraft on this weeks all new Video Games Show!
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First and foremost: goodbye Billy Mays.  As many of you know it was always a dream of ours to get him to say Hi, Billy Mays here for the Video Games Show! and now that chance is gone forever.  But on a lighter note we have tons of news as well as reviews from our listeners!  All that and more on yet another action-packed episode of VGS!
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Ghostbusters!  AAAhhh ha ha ha ha!  That's right listeners!  We do a joint review of both the 360 and PC version of Ghostbusters game today as well as keep you up to date on the latest news including rumors of a new Xbox console.  All this and more on this weeks very poppycockingly awesome Video Games Show!
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Kraft makes his feelings on Sims players known.  It's epic.  Also we dive into the latest news and review Prototype as well.  Finally we receive one of the most concise, coherent and funny emails ever.  It is an email to aspire to :)
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Rich packs in 3 reviews this week taking a look at Damnation, Infamous and Red Faction Guerrilla.  This and news means another 2 full hours of the world famous Video Games Show!
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E3 is underway so there is no describing the amount of news we cover today.  From the big 3's press events to floor news and even a bit of news outside the LA Convention Center, get caught up on the latest info with The Video Games Show!
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It's news.  It's reviews.  It's your calls and emails.  As Billy Mays would put it, it's another fantastic product called 'The Video Games Show'!  We delve into the inner workings of pre-E3 game industry as well as talk about X-Men Origins: Wolverine as well as Punch-Out!
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There is a story.  About a video games show.  That was hosted by two guys named Rich and Kraft.  And this game show, it had some news now.  About all that is good and all that is crap.  (Sung to the tune of the Brady Bunch)  The VGS, The VGS, its tons of fun right here on VGS!
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Since id software released Wolfenstein 3D I have always had a special place in my heart for FPS's.  This along with the highly anticipated nature of Huxley means that I can and will happily dedicate my time to playing the game as well as providing all of the feedback I can.  I can think of no greater sense of accomplishment than helping make this game the best it can be.
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Big week o' news as EA drops a bombshell regarding their profit margin, some games are delayed, some are bumped up the release ladder and apparently Homer Simpson is a Halo fan!  Also we talk with our good friends at Tozai Games about their recently released Lode Runner for the XBLA.  All this and more on this weeks Video Games Show!
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Special guest Garth Choteau from Popcaps Games joins us this week to discuss all things Peggle.  Also breaking news from the PSP front concerning rumors about the new upcoming iteration of PSP.  All this and more on this weeks one and only Video Games Show!
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We have a very special episode of VGS as we talk with Nevin Dravinski, a producer from THQs upcoming UFC Undisputed for the 360 and PS3!  We also get to the latest news, emails and your phone calls on the world famous Video Games Show!
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Another DS intensive week as we bust out reviews on the new Pokemon game as well as the new Puzzle Quest!  As always we have the latest industry news, your emails and live callers through Skype!  Tune in to hear our big announcement about the next few shows on the one and only Video Games Show!
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Happy 5th Birthday to The Video Games Show!  We keep up a tradition of awesomeness with not only all the latest news and listener emails, but we continue to run with the new traditions of live broadcast in our chatroom and Skype calls from our listeners!  All this and a DSi review to boot make for an awesome show.
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This is a repost due to bad encoding.  Our apologies to everyone. Tons of news rolling in from GDC this week and The Video Games Show is here to cover it all!  Not only that but we introduce a new VGS feature:  Skype call-ins!  That's right, we can now take listener calls during the show.  All of this plus reviews of GTA:China Town Wars and Peggle Dual Shot adds up to another exciting episode with Rich and Kraft!
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This week's show is a bit different.  Now being on a new night caused us to forget some prior commitments, so this week we have one hour of news, including the latest from GDC 09.  The second hour is an all new best of show that includes bits from over the years.  Enjoy.
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Normally we describe the show here but I just want to say that Rich and I both agree this episode AWESOME!  If you are a regular listener you will love it.  If you haven't listened to us:  get down with the sickness.  Tune in this week to another action-packed VGS!  (Spoiler alert:  Rich cries.)

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 The VGS studio exploded today.  Well, not exactly exploded but it was out of commission.  We decided to take this opportunity to test a live broadcasting setup from a random room in Kraft's house!  Still the same old show you know and love including reviews of the new Watchmen game and Rich's first Wii review!
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Hadoken.  kinda.  We subjected ourselves to the new Street Fighter movie so you don't have to.  In hindsight I would have rather stuck to the original plan of drinking acid and burning the soles of our feet with lit cigarettes.  Not sure how that plan came to fruition but it was way better than what we actually did.
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Rich is in charge of writing this weeks show description.  "It's awesome." 

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It's the Video Games Show!  We have news, reviews, and all of the other gaming goodness you've come to expect.  What more could you ask for?  Aside from hot pockets...

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We get the live feed working like it should, pour a big dose of AWESOME on the website and discuss the news too!  Join Rich and Kraft (and Grandpa Hoss for a minute) on this weeks' episode of The Video Games Show!
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Show Status:  Back to normal.  Wife banned from the studio.  That means 2 hours of Rich and Kraft staying on course with this weeks' news!  Come join us for another week of dead-birds-in-the-pants level of amusement!
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I don't want to talk about this show.  It was... what's a good phrase...  cluster****.  But Rich and Kraft make it through it and top it off with a review of MK Vs. DC as well as a couple of previews!  Come join the Video Games Show to hear what an 'off week' sounds like.
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A new president, a new VGS, and life goes on.  Still plenty of news this January as a behemoth of the electronics industry goes under.  There was other news as well but we don't want to spoil it for you:  just tune in to Rich and Kraft for this weeks Video Games Show!
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Another week, another fabulous Video Games Show!  Why fabulous?  Well, some great news, awesome reviews, another appearance by Hoss and it turns out Rich is a prophet!  We tell the news before it becomes news and you can catch it here first on the world famous VGS.
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It's the Video Games Show!  DAH DAH DAHHHH DAHHHH!  (It'll make sense later.)  News, news and more news along with a visit from our favorite old host, Roadie Ben!   Err, Hoss.  Yeah, definitely Hoss.  This alongside a user review from our own longtime fan Nintendo Junkie means you're in for another fun-diddly-umptious VGS!
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Welcome to 2009 from your friends at the Video Games Show!  We catch up on the news missed over our holiday break, start our year with a review of a 'blockbuster' game and even found time to answer your emails!  Here's to another 365 great days of VGS in '09!  Oh, Kraft's birthday was today too.  COOKIE CAKE!
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