The Video Games Show
The Video Games Show (or VGS for short) is a weekly gaming and pop culture podcast hosted by Rich Bergin, Matt Gurley, Bob Friedel and Kurt Bowers Combining extensive knowledge and experience in gaming, movies, music, comics and pop culture, VGS will provide a comical look at all things and go off topic many, many times.

Who knew The Last of Us show would be so polarizing to one VGS crew member.  Join Rich, Kurt, Matt and Ben as the crew catches up on their lives and all the news in the gaming world.  Topics include E3 loses the Big 3 (Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony), PSVR 2 launch concerns, games leaving Xbox 360 Market Place forever, Goldeneye woes, a Nintendo Direct happening this week, RetroBit reveals the Big6 and so much more!

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After an extended holiday break, the crew of Rich, Matt and Kurt are back for the first episode of 2023.  The boys catch up on what they've been up to and discuss some recent news, including Sony says the PS5 shortage is over, Nintendo cancels Switch Pro to focus on Switch successor, upcoming releases for first half of 2023, a repro Castlevania Rondo of Blood graded but not identfied as a repro in the grading, the release of the Evil Dead Rise trailer, and more. 

Please note we are working with some new audio editing software and are still getting the hang of things, so the audio may sound different than previous epsidoes.  We will continue to work to provide the best possible audio.  Thank you for your patience. 

Also, happy birthday to Kurt!  Sorry the Initial D gear shifter didn't work.

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