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The Video Games Show (or VGS for short) is a weekly gaming and pop culture podcast hosted by Rich Bergin, Matt Gurley, Bob Friedel and Kurt Bowers Combining extensive knowledge and experience in gaming, movies, music, comics and pop culture, VGS will provide a comical look at all things and go off topic many, many times.

After a long winter break and managing to stop playing Tekken 8, the VGS crew records the first episode of 2024.  Rich, Ben and Matt are joined by guests Isaac and Scott to discuss all things in the video game world.  Topics include the continued decline of physical game releases, layoffs, Sony's State of Play, Microsoft's Developer_Direct, Matt's adventures as a gamer dad, Isaac making us feel old, and so much more.

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New episode and new location!  The crew of Rich, Matt and Ben record from Ben's store, Filthy Games Room.  While being surrounded by so, so many video games, the boys manage to keep it together and rocord the latest installment of VGS.  Topics covered include the release of the PlayStation Portal, release of the Super Pocket, Modern Warfare III, Black Friday deals and so much more.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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Rich, Matt and Tom return for what was supposed to be the Halloween episode of VGS but we never got to Halloween... so... yeah.  Anyway, the crew discusses Microsoft's purchase of Activision Blizzard is finalized, Sony introduces the slim PS5 models, Best Buy to discontinue DVD, Blu-ray, 4K physical releases both in-store and online by early 2024.  We also begin a new series on our top 25 video games. In part one, Rich and Tom reveal their top 25 and discuss the reasons behind their choices. 

We also want to take a moment to thank Tom so much for being a part of the podcast.  Tom is leaving for Vietnam for a significant period (possibly permanently).  We wish him all the best and the seat will be open upon his return.

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We're back! After Rich having a long bout of Covid, the crew is back once again.  Join Rich, Matt, Kurt and Tom as the guys catch up since MO Game Con.  Topics include Unity fee scandal, video game voice actors going on strike(?), Starfield release, Rich and Matt get PS5s, the Nintendo Direct and Sony State of Play.

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The crew of Rich, Matt and Ben are back.  The guys talk about Mo Game Con (July 29 - for details), Ben's FB group ( and upcoming store, some highlights from the previous Nintendo Direct, sidetracked with movie talk (go watch Michael Mann's Heat) and much more.

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Yes, we managed to get together to record over the holiday weekend.  Join Rich, Matt and Ben as the guys discuss all matter of things in gaming and not in gaming.  Topics covered include Sony State of Play, Alan Wake 2 not getting a phyiscal release (update since recording, maybe not), Nintendo blocks Dolphin's Steam release, Mo Game Con 2023, Filthy Games Room, AEW wrestling, Hauser vs. Quaid vs. Kuato triple threat match, the real Super Mario Bros. movie, and so much more.

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Yes, it is Legend of Zelda day again and the crew celebrates the release of Tears of the Kingdom.  While we have a split crew with Rich and Kurt having not played Tears of the Kingdom yet, Matt and Ben have and have thoughts.  While this episode covers one topic, we go off topic and back again several times and at the end of the day you have to as yourself, is the great debate of Sphere vs. Event Horizon vs. Jason X a debate you want to hear?

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Yes, the VGS crew is still on this planet and we managed to get into the same room and record again.  Join Rich, Matt and Tom as the guys have their video game therapy session.  The guys discuss many things on this episode including the approaching MoGameCon 7 (July 29, 2023), a Trunk-N-Trade event Rich, Matt and Ben attended, Tears of the Kingdom upcoming release, the price of both retro and current video games craziness, Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, Grandpa Joe is a heel, and so much more.

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After an extended holiday break, the crew of Rich, Matt and Kurt are back for the first episode of 2023.  The boys catch up on what they've been up to and discuss some recent news, including Sony says the PS5 shortage is over, Nintendo cancels Switch Pro to focus on Switch successor, upcoming releases for first half of 2023, a repro Castlevania Rondo of Blood graded but not identfied as a repro in the grading, the release of the Evil Dead Rise trailer, and more. 

Please note we are working with some new audio editing software and are still getting the hang of things, so the audio may sound different than previous epsidoes.  We will continue to work to provide the best possible audio.  Thank you for your patience. 

Also, happy birthday to Kurt!  Sorry the Initial D gear shifter didn't work.

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Well, we got to know more about Matt on this episode, that is for sure.  Anyway, the crew of Matt, Kurt, Rich and Tom are back for almost all video game episode of VGS.  Multiple emails and some of the latest news covered, including PSVR2 pricing, Switch sales hit a milestone, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II might as well be a code in the box, and more.  Happy Thanksgiving to all our US listeners and hope you all find some amazing Black Friday deals.

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What can I say?  It got off to a weird start, then it calmed a bit, and then got weird again.  Join Rich, Matt and Tom for a new (not from a can) episode of VGS.  We hit up some emails, talk some video game news including some new physical releases, more exclusive PlayStation games coming to PC, Stadia's end, and more.  We also talk about what we've been playing/watching, the retro game market today, Rich saw Halloween Ends, product shrinkage, Matt vs Tom concerning Five Guys Burgers & Fries, and more.

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Rich and Matt are back for a news filled VGS.  After weeks of not much video game news, we were given a Nintendo Direct, a Sony State of Play and Tokyo Game Show to recap.  A whole bunch of game announcements to go through and the boys hit up everything.  Also discussed is upcoming horror movie releases, general movie talk, somehow Rich discuss the history of lost Doctor Who episodes, and much more.

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The crew is back from The Record Space and ready to go for an all new VGS.  Rich, Matt, Kurt and Tom get into the mix, discussing the complete Sega Genesis Mini 2 game line up, Sony raising the prices of PS5 everywhere except the US, is Sony at work at a Playstation PC launcher, Embracer buys Limted Run games plus so many other things, Gamescom 2022 announcements, what we are playing, Vin Diesel / Sylvester Stallone impressions and much more.

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With less than one week to MO Game Con, the VGS crew is absolutely giddy like Christmas is almost here.  Join Rich, Matt and guest host Tom as the crew discusses all things MO Game Con, as well as, all the latest news in gaming including the Sega Genesis Mini 2 announced games, just how much money did Cyberpunk 2077 cost CD Projekt RED, Live A Live released on Switch, EA doing something good, Last of Us Remake news, and more.  Also the guys get off topic (of course) and talk about Vince McMahon retiring, the Clerks III and Halloween Ends trailers, and a deep dive into horror movies.

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We got a packed house for an all new episode of VGS.  Rich, Matt, Kurt, Bob and Ben pack into the family truckster and hit the podcast road after a much needed stop at Wally's to fuel up and get beverages.  Well... actually... we were in Matt's basement, but there was talk of Wally's and plenty of beverages and cookies (thanks Ben).  We talk Mo Game Con coming up July 30, Sony's premium subscription service, Sony taking movies out of European libraries, two very expensive God of War Ragnarok physical editions that don't include physical copies of the game, Atari 50, last impressions of Summer of Games, final days of the Amico, a new NFT console destined for failure, GameStop failing, Wally's, Blockbuster Video, K-Mart, and so much more.

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The crew of Rich, Matt, Bob and Ben return to Casa de Gurley for another episode of VGS.  Join the guys as they dive into Summer of Gaming 2022 coverage, including Sony State of Play, Devolver Digital and Limited Run Games presentations, as well as thoughts on several game announcements.  Other topics discussed include Dirty Work, Can't Hardly Wait, crossed paths of John Belushi and John Candy, and so much more.

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VGS is back!  Yes!  Matt and Rich reunite in casa de Gurley for the first Skype free episode since March 2020.  The guys catch up on what they've been doing/playing/watching, including their trip to Record Space and V-Stock.  Next we hit up emails.  Other items of discussion include Mo Game Con 2022, PlayStation Plus issues, PS5 and Xbox Series production increases, the evolution of movie releases, Limited Run Games and more.
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Rich, Matt & Kurt are back with an all new VGS.  With news dropping the ball, the guys banter on about all sorts of things.  Topics include the Steam Deck, Scream (2022) and other movies, Kurt got a PS5, Rich gave up gaming for Lent at just a terrible time, Matt provides life advice, and so much more!

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Just a quick announcement concerning the cancelation of MO Game Con Jr. 2022.  Please listen for details.

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The crew of Rich, Bob, Matt and special guest Ben are back for an all new VGS.  We discuss MO Game Con Jr 2022, the latest Nintendo Direct, Intellivision Amico... yeah, Sony buys Bungie, Grand Theft Auto Trilogy on Switch, Pokemon Legends Arceus, upcoming releases and some random movie talk as well.
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Yep, of course we are going to talk about Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard.  It is only the biggest thing... like... ever... or something.  We break it all down and theorize on what this means for the future.  Rich, Kurt and Matt also discuss LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga trailer and release date, Cuphead series/DLC, KJ got the Analogue Pocket, as well as some movie and wrestling talk.
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Despite a desperate thirst for gaming news, Rich and Matt manage to take the tiny scraps they can find and manage to record 90+ minutes of podcast shenanigans.  We talk what we've been up to, searching for next gen consoles, games coming soon, what happened to Dane Cook, the amazing work of Keith Coogan, telling off Bradley Whitford, and so much more.

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Wow, I have no idea where to start here.  First, our heroes discuss tons of things, including Netflix, WWE, Tortured for Tots 2 year anniversary, Tortured for Tots 2, and so, so much more.  Also, a very special member of the VGS crew returns.  You'll have to listen to the entire episode or else you will miss something big.

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Sorry about not having a show last week, but Rich, Pat & Addy are back in studio for a shorter, but unclean version of VGS.  First off, this is not a clean show.  I have no idea how it got this out of control, but it did, and it is NSFW.  Anyway, we hit up emails and news in this small episode.  We promise to get back to normal next week.  Anyway, sit back, and enjoy. 

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Kraft, Keith and Rich fly without Addy this week with VGS.  We have a ton of opinions on the news, we have a BT quiz, and wrap things up with emails.  Happpy Thanksgiving to all and see you in two weeks.

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Kraft, Keith, Addy and Rich are all back in studio this week for another insane episode of VGS.  First, and going a bit out of order, Rich retro reviews Festor's Quest and Dig Dug II, then we hit up news, BT provides another game score quiz, and we wrap up with emails.  Along the way we try to figure out who has the most annoying laugh, but we couldn't decide, so we leave it up to you.

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Kraft and Rich fly solo on this week's action packed episode of VGS.  We had a ton of news, Rich reviewed Anticipation & Pictionary on the NES, BT called in with a Nintendo Power score quiz (spoiler alert: Rich has his Dig Dug moment), and we finish out with emails.  If you miss the old days, this one is for you.

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Full house tonight as Kraft, Keith, Addy & Rich struggle with a lack of news and direction.  We still manage to hit up the news, Rich retro reviews Tom & Jerry and Xexyz on NES and BT calls in with an audio quiz.  Apologies for the short show, but it is better than no show.  Happy Halloween!

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Kraft, Keith and Rich are back in studio for a traditional episode of VGS.  We hit up the Hatred trailer headlines, go through the news, Rich reintroduces the weekly Retro Review with Hudson Hawk on NES, BT calls in with a new guess the review score quiz, and we wrap with emails.  Don't worry, no singing on this episode.

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No description, you listen now!  Check out

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After missing Keith last week, we have ourselves a full house with Kraft, Keith, Addy and Rich all together.  We have news, Rich gives some first impressions of Middle Earth - Shadow of Mordor, BT calls in with a new quiz, and we wrap with emails.  Oh, and (SPOILER ALERT)...30 Seconds of Keith goes well.

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Keith is out sick with Ebola (or a headache, I don't remember the specifics), so Addy from "Shut Up, It's Science Time" joins Kraft and Rich on this week's VGS.  The crew goes through the news, gets emails, calls Keith and gets tortured by Bongo with a brand new quiz.  Join in on the super fun, super cute episode of VGS.

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Well, the show starts out fantastic and the first half is gold, but then something happened after we came back from break.  Basically, everyone lost their will to stay awake and stay on track.  As a need to listen.  Needless to say, it got awkward.

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Wow, I'm not sure what happened, but everyone was in a weird mode and no one was safe.  The crew dives head first into Microsoft purchasing Mojang (well, let's be honest, it was Minecraft) and everyone has an opinion (some are just wrong...Josh).  After that we run through the news, followed by a BT audio quiz, and wrap up with Rich's review of Destiny.  Keep your head down, or you could get hit by the verbal bombs being dropped left and right on this week's VGS.

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Ever wonder what happens when the VGS crew records out of studio with no Internet and no phones?  Well, here is the answer.  The guys manage to still get through news, emails, and rag on Keith.  Oh, the simple things.

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Okay, stop looking at leaked photos...or at least just open up your the VGS crew is back.  Nick, Keith, Rich and Patrick (taking position in the "cage") hit up the news, go over the Console Wars, Keith Vs Nick/Rich in game trivia, and your emails.  Things get odd, not sure if it is good odd or bad odd.  You be the judge.  VGS...Part of the Bombed Out Radio Network!

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Yes, it's a good old double feature with VGS and TMS on one download!

First, the VGS crew is back in full fashion as a new season of the show begins.  The guys hit up news, announce the winners of the latest round of the Console Wars, discuss Keith's gaming achievements, Kraft discusses his new show "Shut Up! It's Science Time," Rich recaps "Fanboy Fringe," Keith and Rich preview this week's "The Movies Show," we make a big announcement concerning the Bombed Out Radio Network, take calls, and are joined by Bongo for some Would You Rather fun.  It's a new semester at The U, but the boys are up to their old tricks.

Second, Keith and Rich are back with new The Movies Show episodes every week.  The guys cover the latest movie news, box office reports, reviews, discuss why no one went to see Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, and start the new weekly tradition of Netflix Roulette.  What movies did the fellas get?  Tune in next week to hear the revies.  Movies reviewed: Guardians of the Galaxy, Let's Be Cops, and Sin City: A Dame to Die For.

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Sorry, this another short show, but hey, short show is better than no show.  The guys are back with Program Director Patrick in studio.  We hit up news, talk the new Tuesday night VGS take over, give the results of the latest round of the Console Wars, and round it out with an email.  Listen now or Keith will cry (seriously, please listen).

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Okay, so in case you don't know what has been going on near us here at VGS, just google search "Ferguson, MO."  Anyway short show due to building closing down early.  Also, RIP Robin Williams.

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The studio is full again this week and the guys are in rare form.  We have news, reviews, emails, audio quiz, a new video game song segment, and Fresh Balls!!!

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Double feature time.  Yes, you get an episode of VGS and the pilot of The Movies Show (TMS) all in one place.  Listen and love it.

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So, when I (Rich) started giving our episodes titles, I gave myself the option to literally call one show "I Got Nothing" if I couldn't come up with something in like 60 seconds.  Never happened before tonight.  Well, guess what?  Yeah, it happened.  Besides, it was my birthday a couple of days ago and...well...screw it, I'm feeling lazy (or playing Minecraft).  Anyway, listen to the show already, like you actually read this description stuff.  Just in case, here is a random selection from the masterpiece War and Peace (not that I ever read it, but hey, I tried).

WELL, PRINCE, Genoa and Lucca are now no more than private estates of the Bonaparte family. No, I warn you, that if you do not tell me we are at war, if you again allow yourself to palliate all the infamies and atrocities of this Antichrist (upon my word, I believe he is), I don't know you in future, you are no longer my friend, no longer my faithful slave, as you say. There, how do you do, how do you do? I see I'm scaring you, sit down and talk to me."

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No, they are not sponsor, but we wish they would be.  Anyway, Kraft, Keith and Rich are back in studio with more VGS madness.  We cover news, the next round of Console Wars, have an audio quiz and wrap up with news and listener calls.  Enjoy the soothing sounds and the Fresh Balls.

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Yes, we have a code name and once you listen to the show, it will make sense.  The guys are back with news, This Week in Gaming History, a BT audio quiz, and that mindless conversation you have come to love.

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VGS returns with another week of news (really weak news), introduces the Console Wars openning round, discusses the Steam sale and the art of pinball machines, Rich nearly snaps reviewing Ampu-Tea (Big Josh gave it to him and he wants to hurt Big Josh for it) and BT returns with an all new audio quiz.  Remember, take small bites...enjoy!

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Kraft, Rich and Keith are back in the saddle again for another VGS.  After some odd shows the last few weeks, it is good to be back to the old routine.  We have news, reviews, Would You Rather questions, and emails.  Listen now, repent later.

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It's the E3 wrap show!  Kraft regains his faith in E3!  Listen now!

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Keith felt a bit unloved and unnecessary to the VGS crew, so we proved him wrong.  Anyway, after that lovefest, we hit up news, Bongo reviews Watch_Dogs, Rich talks the Wii U, BT brings an audio quiz, and we wrap with question of the week.  Just a reminder that next week's VGS will be recording live Tuesday, June 10 from 7p-9p CST instead of on Monday so we can cover all the E3 press conferences.

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The crew is back in studio with a new format.  Tell us what you think at  Also, make sure to like us on Facebook at to keep up with news and get interactive with the show.

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Why Parking the Minivan?  Oh, that is too good to spoil.  Listen now..right now!

Direct download: VGS_Show_448.mp3
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The guys celebrate Cinco de Mayo the only way they know attempting to speak spanish a bit during a VGS episode.  WARNING: If you happen to be a Call of Duty fan, you may want to fast forward about five minutes once the news segment starts.  Otherwise, tune in for new, BT audio quiz, and your emails.

Direct download: VGS_Show_447.mp3
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Kraft and Rich fly solo on the first normal show in a couple of weeks.  We hit up news, have an audio quiz, Rich reviews Octodad, and we wrap with emails.  It's business as usual in the VGS studios.

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Well, we just finished Tortured For Tots and our 10th Anniversary Special, so that means it is a blow-off episode.  No description, just listen.  This episode features Kraft, Rich, Keith, Pat & Chelsea!

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In a very special episode of VGS, Big Josh Dick and Ron Bongo Brock host the 10th Anniversary Special!  Joining them tonight will be BT Kevin Krinn, VGS Manager Keith Robinson, the one and only Nick Kraftor and some guy named Rich.  Join them for all the awesome of looking back on the 10 year history of VGS.  Also, thanks to everyone for making Tortured For Tots such a success.

Direct download: VGS_Show_444.mp3
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Okay, yes, I'm advertising the charity event...again.  Sorry, but it is right around the corner and we want to raise as much as possible.  Don't worry, this is the last time since the event is this Sunday.  Anyway, Kraft and Rich fly solo in studio as we cover the news, we have an easy (lies) audio quiz, and Rich & Bongo tag team a review of Goat Simulator.  All that being said, go to to make your donation for Tortured for Tots.  There, I'm done.  Listen now, repent later.

Direct download: VGS_Show_443.mp3
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The boys are back after a week off and they are in full effect.  We got news, we got audio quiz fun, we got emails, we got This Week in Gaming History, and we got plugs-o-plenty for Tortured For Tots (go to now to donate).

Direct download: VGS_Show_442.mp3
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Kraft, Keith and Rich return for some standard VGS fun this week.  Big thanks to everyone that has pledged to our Tortured for Tots campaign.  If you haven't yet, hit us up at for details.  Oh yeah, and we're sorry.

Direct download: VGS_Show_441.mp3
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Oh man, what a show.  I can't even describe the first hour except is it pure gold.  We also have Keith's Week in Gaming History, Bongo & Rich review South Park: The Stick of Truth, BT hits us with another audio quiz, and we wrap with emails.  Remember to get your pledges in for Tortured for Tots.  For details and pledge link, hit us up at

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Rich and Kraft are back in studio for this week's VGS.  In addition to news, the guys are joined by Bongo, Big Josh, Big Josh's Brother-in-Law Dave, and BT for an all new, super difficult audio quiz.  Be sure to visit to get your pledge in for the Tortured for Tots event coming up April 13.

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Rich and Kraft are joined this week in studio by Graphite Labs' Matt Raithel & John Mikula to talk about their new game Hive Jump which you can check out on Kickstarter now.  We also cover news, emails and bring back Would You Rather.  All this and more on this week's VGS.

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Kraft, Rich and Bongo take the wheel on this week's VGS.  Kraft has another go at wrapping up the Game Jam, we hit up news, Bongo reviews the new CD from The String Arcade, BT comes on for another audio quiz, and we wrap it all up with emails.

Please note that the recorder we use on the show died midway through causing about 10 minutes of the show to be lost, including News Bits and This Week in Gaming History.  Sucks that it happened, but happy that we found out early and saved the rest of the episode.

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Big show tonight.  The one and only ScottD joins the VGS crew, we hit up news, BT has another audio quiz, Email Question of the Week, and Keith's This Week in Gaming History!  Join in, lots of laugh.

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We're back folks!  Yes, Kraft, Rich & Keith return to the VGS studio and do their thing.  Tons of fun with news, emails and a new quiz, thanks to BTTWS (aka Kevin) and Anivasion (aka Misty).  Come join us for the fun, as always.  NOTE: There will be no new show the week of 1/20/14 due to the studio being closed.  We will be back to weekly shows starting on 1/27/14.

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Hope you had a wonderful holiday and received loads of gaming goodies.  Kraft and Rich gather at the old home studio (aka Kraft's place) for a shortened episode of VGS.  The boys talk the holidays, get to news and have some good times.  I'm sure you are wondering what was going on with this episode if you didn't read the description before hand.  Basically, this is VGS Unplugged, which basically means we didn't have time to do post production work due to very hectic schedules this week.  So the options were either do what we did and get a show out at the usual time, or risk not having a show out until the end of the week, if not later.  I think you will agree we made the right call.  For now, have a fantastic New Year's and we'll see you back in the studio next week.

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ATTENTION!!!  PLEASE READ BEFORE LISTENING!!!  Okay, in case you didn't listen to last year's special, you need to go back and listen to that one first.  Second, and more importantly, this episode is a Bombed Out episode, which means it is uncensored and unedited, so it is very not appropriate for children that shouldn't be hearing profanity and that may still believe in Santa Claus.  You've been warned.  Now listen and enjoy.  Merry Christmas and Happy Bang Holidays from the crew at VGS!!!

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MURDER!!!  Wanna know more?  You need to listened the whole way down.  So, the first 15 minutes are a cluster F of audio issues that are eventually fixed.  Then Kraft, Rich, Keith and Ben from Well Bred Rhino play a bunch of mulitplayer games while riffing them as well as random talk about games.  Rich then has a retro movie review that not only makes Kraft extremely happy, but sets off a powder keg in studio.  You just need to hear this to believe it.

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Kraft and Keith are absent, Rich, Bongo and Big Josh are in as the VGS crew got...well...Lohan'd.  What does that mean?  You have to listen to find out.  In addition to news and emails, we are introduced to the new Random Fact of the Week segment, Rich reviews The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Bongo reviews Call of Duty: Ghosts, and we even get time for a bit of Would You Rather.  We apologize for the odd hum in in the background, which we will blame on poor studio wiring, but stick with it as this show gets a bit crazy in a good way.

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First off, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Please excuse the audio on this podcast as it was recorded on the Tascam in a moving car, so please don't freak out.  Also, big thanks to Vomitron for providing the new return and closing music for this and our future shows.  Now, onto the show itself.  Kraft and Keith pile into Rich's car as we the crew sets out looking for game gems while hitting up all three V-Stock locations in the STL.  Along the way they talk next (or now current) gen systems, retro gaming, Bongo interviews the folks at Asthree Studios, and we read out answers to the question of the week.  Yes, it is a bit shorter than usual, but at least we got a show up.  Again, Happy Thanksgiving and we will be back in studio next week.

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Who is Shirley?  Heck if I know.  Anyway, Kraft, Rich & Keith are back in studio for another big time fun show.  We hit up news, reviews, emails, Would You Rather, and everything in between.  Not much else to say, just listen.

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Kraft, Rich & Keith are joined this week by the folks at Simutronics to talk about their new Kickstarter campaign for Dragons of Elanthia.  Be sure to go check out the page, which is linked at  We also do news, a couple of games, and emails.  Be sure to check out the show and then check out Dragons of Elanthia on Kickstarter.

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What can we say?  It's another remote episode where we do news, Keith plays a game, Keith does his first review, emails, and Would You Rather.  Oh yeah, and we had another amazing incident involving a moran that doesn't understand the concept of WE ARE RECORDING A F*ING SHOW YOU DOUCHE!!!  Seriously, this is why we are not doing anymore remotes for a while.  Anyway, listen and just keep saying "They're back in studio next week.  They're back in studio next week.  They're back in studio next week."

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I know this is a place for a description of the pod you're about to hear, but screw it, I'm using it for something else.  To the three idiots that kept trying to ask us questions and make song requests while we were recording a show...WTF are you doing.  It is painfully obvious we are doing a radio show and you should know enough not to bother people who are talking in a microphone.  The best was the drunk a-hole that actually jumped onto my laptop and started looking through songs.  If this happens next week, I'm gonna lay the Smackdown!  Oh yeah, WWE 2K14 came out, along with Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Battlefield 4.

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Wow, so there were five of us on the show, we had news, while we started the first ever Keith Plays Games bit.  How far did Keith get in Punch-Out and Cyber Stadium Base Wars?  You'll laugh and cry.  He clearly ate lightning and crapped himself.  We also had our question of the week segment and Would you Rather.  All those and we find the origin of Glass Joe's 1 victory by KO on this week's VGS.

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Rich & Kraft are back for another week of VGS.  After discovering that someone literally screwed with the soundboard and Kraft yelled at Rich for playing Cookie Clicker during the show, we got around to doing news, emails and Would You Rather with Bongo.  Join us for another week with less whores and twerks than last week, but just as much fun.

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It is just like old times and Rich, Kraft, and Keith return to the studio for good times.  Kraft and Rich keep screwing around with each others' news copies, we hit up emails, Would You Rather, and mock Keith.  And yes, Bongo appears on the show.

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The theme is being alone as Rich tries something new...he hosts solo.  Even though he nearly cries at one point, he manages to get through the news, Side Bar, emails and Would You Rather.  Email topic of the week returns and is a major success.  All this and more on this lonely man episode of VGS

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No time for a deep description here.  Rich, Bongo & Big Josh do news, reviews, a new audio game, Would You Rather, and all kinds of fun.  Plus Kraft supplies audio from the Game Jam.  Listen now...right now!!!

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Another VGS live remote from GameStop has come and gone, mercifully no was left behind.  Literally, everyone in the STL crew was there, including Rich, Kraft, Keith, Matt, and a special appearance by TSFSS' own Tiffany Axton.  Join us as we countdown to the midnight hour and the launch of Grand Theft Auto V.  Enjoy.

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Rants, reviews, special guests, insane news...words can do no justice.  Just listen now.

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Rich is joined by Matt, The Nintendo Junkie, for a week of VGS craziness.  We have a ton of news to cover thanks to Gamescom, we review 3 movies during the Side Bar, Rich has mutiple angry man rants (from a lack of mustard/ketchup to stupid practices of a business once praised, now damned), and Nick Kraftor (via the Chatroom) proclaims his super hero persona.  Enjoy all the VGS goodness.

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Yeah, it was a rough night.  I won't get into too many details except the sound board we used for the GameStop midnight launch had mulitple issues.  That being said, a new board will be purchased before the next remote for the GTAV launch.  I apologize for the audio quality as it is not up to par, but I felt it wouldn't be right to scrap the show, both for you the listeners and for special guest host Matt Rosen.  Here it is...I'm sorry.

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Rich is joined by the one and only Big Josh Dick for another week of VGS greatness.  Microsoft keeps flip-flopping, Sony brags, the ducks come home early, Rich & Josh fancy the same New Girl, and we wax poetically on the missing Kraft.  All this, plus an extended Side Bar on this week's VGS.

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After a short break, VGS host Rich Bergin returns to the VGS studio for another episode of VGS.  Joining Rich this week is guest host Bongo (Ron Brock) for all the madness.  Listen in for what has to be the oddest story concerning Australia Ratings Board, along with all the major gaming headlines, a special review from Bongo, the intruction of the VGS Side Bar segment, emails, and Would You Rather.  Sit down, listen, enjoy some rice.

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Last in studio episode before Kraft goes off to Austin.  It's a great episode, just listen to it!  

Special thanks to Mr. Kraftor for everything.  I know this isn't the last time he'll be on VGS, but it is still really hard to realize the man that has caused so much comedy inspiration and joy in my life won't be around in person anymore.  Thank you for everything and best of luck in Austin. - Rich

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Back in full form tonight as Kraft and Rich rip through the news, take phone calls o-plenty, and still have time for emails and Would You Rather.  BTW, we drop a potential bombshell on this week's episode.  No hints, you'll have to listen.

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Shortened show this week due to a lack of news, lack of calls, lack of energy, and...oh yeah...It's National Play a Video Game Day today, so we cut out early.  We'll be back for a full show next week.  For now, enjoy this tiny episode of VGS.

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Wow, a VGS recorded on Canada Day and the chatroom was all a buzz about pro wrestling...hence the title.  We had it all tonight, from news, emails, Would You Rather, listener calls, games, and a cross-over with The Geeked Out Podcast.  Big shout out to Matt Roussin (Dumpstermonkey) for telling us all about SGC 2013 and Dave L for his listener review!  Enjoy some back bacon, hosers!!!

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It's VGS Fight Night 2!!!  Yes, the great debate between Team VGS vs. Team Geeked Out Podcast on the next-gen systems is on!!!  Listen now...right now!!!

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Okay, so we took some heat for not properly covering E3, so this week we make up for that.  Listen to our full E3 coverage, VGS style.  Listen now, repent later.

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What can we say, we compain a whole lot on this episode.  Microsoft continues to upset us with the Xbox One and their E3 press conference didn't make up for it.  We talk a bit about E3 with our callers and review the OUYA.  All this and the usual biz on this week's VGS.  Note: This is part one of our E3 coverage, part two to follow next week.

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We're back at The U this week, which is great becauase we've had bad luck lately.  Anyway, we hit you all up with news, Ask Big Josh, Would You Rather, and all the usual fun.  Plus, we get heavy into Plants Vs. Zombies 2.  Spoiler alert: It isn't what you expect.

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WARNING: This episode of VGS is UNCENSORED, do not play it around kids and those sensitive to profanity.  You've been warned.

You read it right, it is another On the Road episode of VGS, as well as a Bombed Out episode of VGS wrapped up in one.  Since The U is closed for Memorial Day, Kraft & Rich hit the road and visit all three STL area V-Stocks because there is a sale and you know how much the VGS crew loves V-Stock.  As we travel to each of the three stores, Kraft & Rich dive into all the news relating to the Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U as they try to figure out if any of the three are worth caring about.  Enjoy.

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Short episode this week due to Kraft being sick and having finals this week, but an episode nonetheless.  Listen in for News, Emails, Would You Rather, and how Rich renders Kraft speechless.  All this and more on this week's VGS.  Listen now, repent later.

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Fill in the blank:  This week's VGS can only be described as __________.  We talked about latest pile of _____ Microsoft had to offer, as well as EA's latest _____ Sims game and other ________.  We had reviews, Would You Rather, Emails and creamy ________.  All this and more ______ on this week's VGS.  Listen now ________, repent later.

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Well, after leaving it all on the ice with VGS 400, Rich, Kraft and Doc Brown throw a good ole fashion after party that has nothing to do with games.  Seriously, the Would You Rather is the only regular segment on this show.  Oh yeah, the gong died.  Listen now, repent later.

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It's freakin' VGS 400!!!  No description needed, just listen!!!

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What better way to spend the last show before 400 than our favorite home away from home, a GameStop midnight launch.  Join in the fun with Rich and Kraft as we help count down to the midnight release of Injustice:Gods Among Us.  In addition to answering the random questions of people that didn't seem to understand we were recording a radio show, Kraft yells at douche-baggery, watching two different people get arrested in the parking lot across from our location, Rich drinks himself smarter, and all the other randomness that comes from doing a live show, we still manage to get in news, a review, and a live round of Would You Rather.  Enjoy as we count down to the epic 400th episode.  Listen now, repent later.  Sponsored by Nawgan Alertness Beverage (

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Well, show 398 got a bit rowdy at times, but it was the good kinda rowdy, not the bad kind where you end up in a country bar brawl.  In addition to all the usual business, there was lots of interaction with the chatroom tonight (another reason to be there when we record live Monday nights), we talked about show 400 a bit, and even discussed some favorite moments from the past.  All this, plus Darklight13 (Happy Birthday Elizabeth) chimes in with some reviews and Peter Rothchild stops by the studio.  Listen now, repent later.

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Just another crazy week in teh VGS world.  Our show almost gets taken over...almost.  As we brave through the usual show bits, we find out what really makes VGS GM Keith Robinson upset, Kraft exploits this information, and Rich works on his dream of being a strip club DJ.  What else can we say that hasn't been written on the restroom walls?  Stop playing Bioshock Infinite for like two hours and listen in.

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Even though we were unable to record in our usual studio and we were unable to record on the usual day, we did manage to get a show together this week.  What seemed like would be a straight forward VGS episode (and it is for the most part) hit a speed bump in the middle of the episode in the form of Rich & Kraft vs Doc Brown in an unexpected debate/fight/battle royale.  Even Rich had to do some bleeping when it was all said and done.  Anyway, listen now, repent later.

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