The Video Games Show
The Video Games Show (or VGS for short) is a weekly gaming and pop culture podcast hosted by Rich Bergin, Matt Gurley, Bob Friedel and Kurt Bowers Combining extensive knowledge and experience in gaming, movies, music, comics and pop culture, VGS will provide a comical look at all things and go off topic many, many times.

We apologize for the lateness of this show and the lack of a show this week.  Just FYI, summer class is about to end which will add a WHOLE lot of extra time into the schedule and hopefully allow for more consistency with the show.  We thank everyone for their patience as we do try to put out a fairly consistent free product.  This week we cover the remainder of the e3 news scraps, talk a little more Diablo 3 and do a couple off-the-cuff reviews.  We hope you enjoy this all new Video Games Show!

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E3 has come and gone.  We have what little news hit the airwaves from that, and Rich tells everyone why he hates you and you shouldn't listen to us...  Kraft still loves you, though.  Who thought something like that would have been typed into show notes?  Check out this extended edition of the World Famous Video Games Show!

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