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The Video Games Show (or VGS for short) is a weekly gaming and pop culture podcast hosted by Rich Bergin, Matt Gurley, Bob Friedel and Kurt Bowers Combining extensive knowledge and experience in gaming, movies, music, comics and pop culture, VGS will provide a comical look at all things and go off topic many, many times.

What is going on over at Microsoft?!  What is going on over at Gamespot?!?!  WHAT IS GOING ON AT THE VIDEO GAMES SHOW STUDIOS??!?!1eleven  Tune in this week to find out!

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We shortened the show up a bit this week due to a lack of interesting things to talk about.  Kraft does have a special announcement to all of the people who bought the Stimulus Map Pack though.

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It's a lazy week.  Don't feel like typing a bunch.  We do news, NintendoJunkii does a review and we laugh a bunch.

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Almost a third of our news this weeks is dedicated exclusively to Bungie, Infinity Ward/Respawn and Activision.  Not surprisingly we get rather excited when it is time to move on.  Also, this is the first show we've held a live webcast during!  Interested in more?  Then listen to this week's brand new Video Games Show!

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