The Video Games Show
The Video Games Show (or VGS for short) is a weekly gaming and pop culture podcast hosted by Rich Bergin, Matt Gurley, Bob Friedel and Kurt Bowers Combining extensive knowledge and experience in gaming, movies, music, comics and pop culture, VGS will provide a comical look at all things and go off topic many, many times.

First note: this is NOT a VGS episode and includes things such as endless banter, lots of coarse language, and more.  Please note that this is an explicit podcast and don't play it with children or other sensitive people around.  That said, we hope everyone has had a great holiday season and we look forward to yet another year with all of you!

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With the radio station down for repairs we retreat to Kraft's astronomy lab where we are joined by Doc Brown!  Not that Doc Brown, but a cool Doc Brown none-the-less.  We cover the last bit of christmas news including a new milestone for Assassin's Creed, a shakeup of video game companies on the NASDAQ, and some game company CEO was named worst CEO of the year!  Tune in to this week's all new Video Games Show to find out more!

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Had you tuned in live you would have missed an epic call-in karaoke show.  Even though you didn't we still have news, emails, reviews and more for you on this week's all new Video Games Show!

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Well, it's not quite an entire show but we were able to salvage part of episode 385.  We hope you enjoy.

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We're finally back in the studio and apparently we brought the ridiculous with us!  Join us for news about the Wii U launch, Black Ops 2 sales figures, and more!  We also talk about Wreck It Ralph and get a phone call from the big man in red!  It's a much warmer episode of the world famous Video Games Show!

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Throwing a curveball here:  In lieu of doing a full Thanksgiving episode we have decided to bring back one of our old ones to help us reminisce and reflect on the VGS of yore.  Come join Rich, Hoss, and Nickel for this fun-filled flashback holiday episode of The Video Games Show!

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Finally we are done with our last midnight launch broadcast!  It is a good thing too because Rich's hair froze off and Kraft can't feel his left butt cheek anymore.  The only thing more impressive than our news of Halo sales is just how many people showed up for a midnight release of the new CoD game.  Oh, and Kraft actually preordered a game tonight!  Come check it out on this (literally) chill episode of the Video Games Show!

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VGS is on location for the 2nd of 3 midnight releases at Gamestop!  This week we welcome our official Halo Correspondant Brett who talks with us about both Halo and Major League Gaming as well as reps VGS in a Halo 3 tournament.  Join us for news and more on this fun-filled week of The Video Games Show!

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We start our first night of a stretch of midnight released at Gamestop for the dropping of Assassin's Creed 3, Need for Speed, WWE 13, and most importantly:  Thundercats on the DS!  Come join us as we revel in the season of mad game releases as we talk about Halo 4, Wii U, and more!  That's what you get from the world-famous Video Games Show.

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We try to deliver the hot news even though Big Josh attempts to sabotage our audio feed!  DIABOLICAL!  We also tackle some reviews of Doom 3: BFG Edition as well as the new 007 game.  All this and much, much more on this week's Video Games Show!

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We did a show.  It had news and stuff.  We still hate Coke.

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WE DECLARE WAR ON COCA-COLA!  Oh, and we read some news, welcome Big Josh back for the red shirt diary segment, read some emails and much, much more!  Come join us for this very ridiculous episode of The Video Games Show!

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Well it's time for another live remote as we head down to our local Gamestop for both NBA 2K13 and Resident Evil: Giraffe Fellatio.  We make some friends, have some laughs, do some news.  Just another VGS-arific live event with Rich and Kraft!

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It is a short show, but a fun one none the less.  We tackles some interesting news on the WiiU front that actually has Kraft excited, marvel at Rich Bergin's on-drugs-antics, and discover that our own Playtex Keith has had an Xbox 360 for years without us knowing about it!  Don't forget next week will be a remote broadcast from the Maplewood Gamestop!

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Well, it finally happened:  we had a live event that actually recorded!  Thanks to the valiant efforts by Mr. Rich Bergin we are now equipped with our own remote rig which we tested out at the Borderlands 2 midnight launch.  Come join us for a ton of news about the WiiU, some news about other stuff, and watch us redub Station Manager Keith to Playtex Keith.  Check out this rain-filled edition of the world-famous Video Games Show!

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This week's news brings about the end of a legacy that has probably affected all of us at some point or another.  Join Rich and Kraft as we revel in our past experiences with Nintendo Power as the dynasty draws to a close.  We also discuss a very possible WiiU release date, upcoming holiday season discounts and bundles, and grill Big Josh with hard-hitting questions about genitalia!  Check out all this and more on this week's clean-tag-challenging Video Games Show!

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After a hiatus of non-functioning studio equipment and lost episodes, the new semester at The U has started and we are back in action!  Feel free to join us LIVE every Monday night from 9-11pm CST at  This week we catch up on some news from the past couple shows and relish in our late-night slot with some poiniant conversations about syphillis and more.  Come join us for a good ol-fashioned Video Games Show!

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We're back to cover the fallout of the Steam Summer Sale, update you on the status of our new favorite kickstarter (OUYA) and sing the praises of Spider Jesus!  Come join us for another action-packed* episode of the world famouse Video Games Show!  (*Warning:  Contains no action.)

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So there is a new game system that gained financing in one day, we discuss the intricacies of Jesus getting bit by a radioactive spider, and Keith brings what he considers "the funny"... we begged to differ.  Please enjoy this on-time world famous Video Games Show!

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News, reviews, etc.  All this and more on this week's Video Games Show!

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We apologize for the lateness of this show and the lack of a show this week.  Just FYI, summer class is about to end which will add a WHOLE lot of extra time into the schedule and hopefully allow for more consistency with the show.  We thank everyone for their patience as we do try to put out a fairly consistent free product.  This week we cover the remainder of the e3 news scraps, talk a little more Diablo 3 and do a couple off-the-cuff reviews.  We hope you enjoy this all new Video Games Show!

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E3 has come and gone.  We have what little news hit the airwaves from that, and Rich tells everyone why he hates you and you shouldn't listen to us...  Kraft still loves you, though.  Who thought something like that would have been typed into show notes?  Check out this extended edition of the World Famous Video Games Show!

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Short news show as we near E3 next week.  We run into more drama concerning Diablo 3, games begin having their release dates pushed back, and we chat with BongoParty about the new computer that the VGS Minecraft server will be heading towards.  Check out all this and more on this week's all new Video Games Show!

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We take a trip to VStock to introduce Station Manager Keith to the nerd-vana that it is.  We talk quite a bit about Blizzard and Diablo 3 amongst other things.  This episode, though, devolves into a music talk show.  Still pretty fun though.  Join us next Tuesday for a new show as the station will be closed for Memorial Day.

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Again, it was totally our intention to record our live broadcast from yesterday, but the cards weren't in our favor.  In fact, the cards were so out of our favor we accidentally fried about 1000 dollars worth of audio equipment and couldn't even broadcast.  We do hope you enjoy our follow-up as Rich, Kraft, and Keith recap the events of last night and cover a bit of the news you've missed out on.

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Kraft, while present, takes a backseat this week as he studies for finals giving Brandon his first true chance to shine.  Of course by "shine" we mean almost start a race war.  News comes secondary to this bit of awesomeness on this week's Video Games Show!

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Somehow we accidentally spliced the end of 360 onto the last episode rather than the end of 362... a big thanks to Matt C. for giving us the heads up!  Here is the final part of show 362 (hopefully).

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I have a vague recollection of talking about news...  Yeah, we probably did that.  Only one way to be sure, and that is by listening to this week's all new Video Games Show!

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Come join us as we celebrate our 8th anniversary in style!  By style I mean Brandon shows back up and Kraft brings in an auto-tuner.  We also issue challenges to PETA and inform bystanders how horrible Crocs are.  We even find some time to talk about news!  Come join us on this week's all new Video Games Show!

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For our 360th show we talk very little about the Xbox...  But make up for it by chatting with BongoParty and learning about all the changes that have happened to the VGS minecraft server!  We also cover some news because that's apparently what you all expect.  Here's to another quasi-predictable Video Games Show!

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While it may be a slow news week, Kraft and Rich are already listing reasons to not buy the next generation of Microsoft consoles.  We also watch as Capcom miraculously puts their foot in their mouth while lodging their head up their rectum (no small feat).  Dont' worry, though, as there is some good news to round out the day, plus our first review of a console hardware mod, the Titan Triggers!  Come for all this and more on the world-famous Video Games Show!

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Diablo 3 has a street date.  Someone hacked all the "bonus content" off Capcom's game disk.  Phil Harrison goes to Microsoft.  Not a ton of news this week, but definitely some bombshells worth discussing.  Join in as Rich and Kraft give their first, second, and mostly unwanted impression on all this week's news on the world-famous Video Games Show!

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Normally we don't include much UMSL talk on the radio show, but as Kraft nearly blows multiple gaskets, it seemed worth including.  We also take the time to talk to ThisTeamsCorpse and DarkLight13 about what a relationship between two hardcore gamers is like.  We also talk with Logan about Mass Effect 3, Nicky B about Android tablets, and Big Josh comes on to talk about... lots of different stuff.  There is some news, but if that is what you are looking for you can skip the first hour and 55 minutes.  That's how we roll on the world-famous Video Games Show!

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What an odd episode this turned out to be.  We did a live broadcast from the Maplewood Gamestop last night for the release of Mass Effect 3.  Good news:  we gave away a ton of stuff and had a blast.  Bad news:  We had a bad audio cable and didn't realize it until the event was over.  Long story short:  Kraft gives a summation of the news and we combine it with Rich's solo music episode from last week.  We really hope you enjoy this... eclectic episode of the World Famous Video Games Show!

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It's Vita-licious!  Vita-tacular!  Vita-rific!  All right, that's enough of that.  This week we have our normal buffet of news and reviews, plus a first-hand look at the new Playstation Vita as we have one in the studio to play with!  Come join us for our first impressions of the newest system to hit the market on this week's all new Video Games Show!6

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A very happy Valentine's Day from the Video Games Show!  The Vita is finally here, Psychonauts 2 may be a reality now... it has definitely been a good week.  Come Join Rich, Kraft, and Brandon for plenty of great news, reviews, and emails on this week's all new Video Games Show!

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What do Capcom, Impulse, Twisted Metal, and Brandon all have in common?  They are things we make fun of on this week's show!  Come join us for another round of Vita news, PSN news, and Kraft getting a little too excited about things on an all new Video Games Show!

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This week we have tons and tons of "revalent" news.  Kraft also rigs up a 3 second delay loop to which Brandon was subjected to much  to his chagrin. Come join us for a traditional new-host hazing on this week's all new Video Games Show!

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We finally make it back into The U studios, but sans Rich Bergin.  Though he couldn't be in the studio he does call in.  Either way, Kraft and Brandon tackle the latest news including more SOPA fallout, Vita news, and more.  Come join us for an all new Video Games Show!

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In our final week in the home studio we discuss the year-end NPDs, sound off about all of the drama involving SOPA, and find out there is a new Commodore64 game being released!  Next week we will be back in The U Studios from 9-11CST.  We'll see you then!

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We ring in the new year with plenty of news, reviews, and the beginning of the E3 rumor mill!  Come join us to hear about Rocksmith and Sonic Generations, and Kraft's love of his new toothbrush.  It's the first curmudgeony episode of the world-famous Video Games Show!

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