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The Video Games Show (or VGS for short) is a weekly gaming and pop culture podcast hosted by Rich Bergin, Matt Gurley, Bob Friedel and Kurt Bowers Combining extensive knowledge and experience in gaming, movies, music, comics and pop culture, VGS will provide a comical look at all things and go off topic many, many times.

Well we finally made it back on campus and were able to pull the lost episode.  While the news might not be current the discussion is still relevant.  There may be some humor involved too.  Honestly I can't remember.  My apologies if the show is lame.

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Well, it is our final show in the home studio!  Next week we are back at UM- St Louis at our normal time:  Monday from 9-11pm.  This week we deliver our own State of the (Video Game) Union address, hit all the news from the week, and get around to reading our listener emails.  Hope you join us for another brand new episode of the Video Games Show!

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Not sure why, but this episode got lost in the mix.  Obviously winter is not agreeing with VGS.  Anyways, here is episode 307.  If anyone happens to notice a new episode hasn't dropped in a while and are curious, please feel free to email us at!

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